Adnan Januzaj at 20: will he be the next Giggs or the new Macheda?

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May 8, 2011
Adnan Januzaj at 20: will he be the next Giggs or the new Macheda? | Jamie Jackson | Football | The Guardian



Mar 26, 2010
First of all I have to say that Jamie Jackson is one of the worst around.

A lot of people seem to have written Januzaj off. People a few weeks ago were saying, Van Gaal doesn't like him, but I think he was out of the side to work on some things and he'll be a better player for it, I think Herrera will be the same. Thought Januzaj was very selfish when he played earlier in the season, trying to hard, played really well against Leicester. When Van Gaal came to the club he talked of coaching players' brains.

Funnily enough i'll refer to a Jamie Jackson article. Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal vows not to be provoked by Mourinho | Football | The Guardian

“It’s not so easy. And also the way I train and coach is in the [players’] brains and not the legs. You have seen my exercises with all the tactical [approaches] and without the tactical [approaches].
“I am not for running for its own sake and I am for running with the ball, but they like that, of course. But the most important thing is they have to know why we do things and when they do, the football player is not playing intuitively.
“A lot of players are playing intuitively and I want them to think and know why they do something. That’s a process that is difficult at first and in the first three months. It takes time.
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