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16/17 Vs 17/18

Discussion in 'Manchester United' started by IDFD, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. IDFD

    IDFD Well-Known Member

    Mar 22, 2017
    So I was looking at our standings this season compared to last on this date last year.

    This season P14 W10 D2 L2 GF 32 GA 8 PTS 32
    Last Season P13 W5 D5 L3 GF18 GA 15 PTS 20

    However I remember on a previous forum we used to compare how we're doing game to game over the season.

    For the purpose of this exercise

    Hull = Newcastle
    Middlesbrough = Brighton
    Sunderland = Huddersfield

    Last Season / This Season +/- Running Total

    West Ham (H) 1-1 / 4-0 +2
    Swansea (A) 1-3 / 0-4 +2
    Leicester (H) 1-4 / 2-0 +2
    Stoke (A) 1-1 / 2-2 +2
    Everton (H) 1-1 / 4-0 +4
    Southampton (A) 0/0 / 0-1 +6
    Crystal Palace (H) 2-0 / 4-0 +6
    Liverpool (A) 0-0 / 0-0 +6
    Huddersfield (A) 0-3 / 2-1 +4
    Tottenham (H) 1-0 / 1-0 +4
    Chelsea (A) 4-0 / 1-0 +4
    Newcastle (H) 0-0 / 4-1 +6
    Brighton (H) 2-1 / 1-0 +6
    Watford (A) 3-1 / 2-4 +9

    Running Total. We're 9 points up on the same games we played last season. Definite signs of improvement
  2. jsp

    jsp Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2012
    No doubt we've improved just because we are beating the weak sides at home rather than drawing, people need to remember this side finished 6th last season on 69 points and 5th the season before that on 66, 4th season before that on 70, 7th season before that on 64. Those results weren't freak results that is where we deserved to be in those seasons Utd haven't been a serious contender for 4 seasons now by this point in all those seasons the title was gone and it was looking risky for top 4.

    I think last season we were 9 points behind City by the end of the season, currently we are 8 points behind so while we have improved so far so have they and the margin of improvement is pretty similar both teams now look forged in the image of their manager but City were starting at a much higher level than we were.

    I'd be surprised if after 14 games we've had many better starts in the PL era and if we keep going at the current pace (which is unlikely) we'd hit 87 points. I think given previous seasons if we can score high 70's low 80's in terms of a points total and get in the top 3 it's been a big progression this season.
  3. IDFD

    IDFD Well-Known Member

    Mar 22, 2017
    The Arsenal game takes us to +12 on last season.

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