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    Rooney at 500

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    Rooney ankle injury

    Van Gaal confirms injuries for Rooney and Rojo - Official Manchester United Website
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    Goal of the Month: November 2015

    Manchester United 1-0 CSKA - 3rd November 2015 Rooney: Manchester United 2-0 West Brom - 7th November 2015 Lingard: Watford 1-2 Manchester United - 21st November 2015 Depay Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United - 28th November 2015 Schweinsteiger:
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    Rooney could switch to Adidas in multi-million pound sponsorship deal

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    Wayne Rooney testimonial

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    Rooney: Smalling among world's best

    Rooney: Smalling among world's best - Official Manchester United Website Who are the top three centre-halves?
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    Wayne Rooney: The Man Behind The Goals

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    Players corncerned by lack of creativity?

    Manchester United stars in Louis van Gaal training row | The Times
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    Well done Wayne Rooney

    50 not out! Rooney sets new England goalscoring record - Official Manchester United Website First 44 goals:
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    Louis van Gaal and Wayne Rooney are 'under huge pressure this season'

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    Captain Rooney

    Van Gaal on Wayne Rooney's reign as captain: "I could not expect more. I think he's a great captain - better than I expected. He's fully accepted by the players and that's also very important. I can choose but the players decide. That's my philsophy. The players have to accept the captains and...
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    Penalty taker 2015/16

    Who should be the penalty taker this season?
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    Rooney & Van Persie in midfield, Fellaini up top

    Bizarre, and a wee desperate.
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    United’s Goal of the Season 2014/15

    Vote for Manchester United's Goal of the Season - Official Manchester United Website
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    Rooney: "We're improving every week and feel we can get better again"

    I have really enjoyed watching us over the last month. The transformation has been brilliant and I am now excited about our future. Why the change? I agree with Gary Neville's assessment; injuries have allowed Van Gaal to use a formation/system that he knows inside out. The players understand...
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    Wayne 'The Hitman' Rooney

    He really isn't the smartest person around. Not too far off smacking his head off the corner of the table.
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    Wayne Rooney | Match Discussion thread 2014/15

    Wayne Rooney match discussion thread for the 2014/15 season. Previous Seasons http://www.stretfordendarising.com/forum/f6/wayne-rooney-|-match-performance-thread-1168/ http://www.stretfordendarising.com/forum/f6/wayne-rooney-|-match-discussion-thread-2013-14-a-4999/
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    Wayne Rooney | Match Discussion thread 2013/14

    Rooney's match performance thread for the 2013/14 season. 2012/13 match performance thread - http://www.stretfordendarising.com/forum/f6/wayne-rooney-%7C-match-performance-thread-1168/
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    Wayne Rooney: Man United's all-time top scorer

    Charlton - 249 Law - 237 Rowley - 211 Best - 179 Viollet - 179 Spence - 168 Hughes - 163 Giggs - 159 Rooney - 152 Scholes - 150 Van Nistelrooy - 150 Rooney has a great chance to beat Charlton's record.
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    Wayne Rooney | Match Performance Thread

    Wayne Rooney thread.