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  1. Sideshow Bob

    Claudio Ranieri at Leicester City 2016/17

    Premier League: Manchester United 4-1 Leicester City - 24th September 2016 Played 6 Wins 2 Draws 1 Defeats 3 How will Leicester fare this season?
  2. Sideshow Bob

    Premier League: Manchester United v Leicester City

    V Saturday, 24th September 2016 Barclays Premier League Old Trafford 12:30 BST
  3. Sideshow Bob

    Lucas Perez at Arsenal 2016/17

    League Cup: Nottingham Forest 0-4 Arsenal - 20th September 2016
  4. Sideshow Bob

    From rubbish to worse

    I thought the performance against Feyenoord was bad... Everyone in the team should be ashamed of that performance.
  5. Sideshow Bob

    Premier League: Watford v Manchester United

    V Sunday, 18th September 2016 Barclays Premier League Vicarage Road 12:00 BST
  6. Sideshow Bob

    Roberto Firmino at Liverpool 2016/17

    Premier League: Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City - 10th September 2016
  7. Sideshow Bob

    Premier League: Manchester United v Manchester City

    V Saturday, 10th September 2016 Barclays Premier League Old Trafford 12:30 BST
  8. Sideshow Bob

    David Silva at Manchester City 2016/17

    Friendly: Belgium 0-2 Spain - 1st September 2016
  9. Sideshow Bob

    James Weir at Hull City 2016/17

  10. Sideshow Bob

    David Luiz at Chelsea 2016/17

  11. Sideshow Bob

    Will Keane at Hull City 2016/17

    Wish him well.
  12. Sideshow Bob

    Premier League: Hull City v Manchester United

    V Saturday, 27th August 2016 Barclays Premier League KCOM Stadium 17:30 BST
  13. Sideshow Bob

    Arsene Wenger at Arsenal 2016/17

    Result: Leicester City 0-0 Arsenal - 20th August 2016
  14. Sideshow Bob

    Mike Phelan at Hull City 2016/17

    Result: Swansea City 0-2 Hull City - 20th August 2016 Two wins out of two.
  15. Sideshow Bob

    Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham Hotspur 2016/17

    Result: Spurs 1-0 Crystal Palace - 20th August 2016
  16. Sideshow Bob

    Encouraging performance

    The period of play in the second half was very encouraging. The attacking play was great to watch. There was a bit of the old buzz back in the crowd.