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    The race to finish in the top four

    Honestly all teams from 3-6 have a mountain to climb to be ahead of Liverpool and City next year. No-one seemingly wants these top four places. Luckily we haven’t lost much ground after the Everton loss but it’s one game less now. Needless to say we need to win on Wednesday night.
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    Premier League 2018/19: Everton v Manchester United

    Honestly our players are bunch of sad sacks. It’s all good when things are going well but when they need to tough it out they go missing. This club is still pretty rotten, there are so many players who aren’t good enough and the ones that are just go missing. Awful awful game today.
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    PFA Player of the Year: Sterling, Van Dijk, Aguero, Hazard, Mane & Silva on shortlist

    I think Van Dijk has got this one in the bag to be honest. Hopefully in the next few years we can get some of our guys back on these shortlists.
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    Kieran Trippier

    Aim higher than Trippier - he’s a solid enough right back but I just think there is better out there. Meunier, AWB, Cancelo - I think all three of those are gettable, however Cancelo might be a hard one.
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    Matthijs de ligt

    I think every big club in Europe will be looking at De Ligt this summer but I do think he’ll end up in Spain like De Jong. For his age he is supreme, looks wise beyond his years. He is going to be a superstar defender and we should break the bank for him to be honest. If we were willing to...
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    Champions League Quarter Final Draw 2018/19

    WHAT A GAME! Unbelievable! City out, hehe.
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    It's PSG!

    3-2 loss to Nantes tonight. Good job they are so far ahead!
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    Champions League 2018/19: Barcelona v Manchester United

    Yeah we needed to score in those ten minutes and I think a more clinical striker would have tucked away that Rashford chance. There is clearly a huge gulf in class. There are things to work with, McTominay is growing as a player, Fred is doing better each week and despite their flaws we still...
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    Paul Pogba | Match Discussion thread 2018/19

    Another anonymous performance last night and again was outshone by Fred and McTominay. These are the games we need him to really step up but he just doesn’t seem up for the fight which is sad. Time to cash in? I feel we would be way more dynamic without him. Sure he’s a supreme talent and can...
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    Champions League 2018/19: Barcelona v Manchester United

    Could get ugly real quick here. Sadly outclassed in the end but are we surprised? Our squad is still in need of major surgery. It’s never been up to much since Fergie left and that is awful really. The fact the likes of Young and Jones are still starting for us in a massive quarter final...
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    Champions League 2018/19: Barcelona v Manchester United

    Jones at full back? Maybe a back three? But Ole has produced an attacking line up and sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The pace upfront could trouble them! Come on United!!
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    Champions League 2018/19: Barcelona v Manchester United

    Had a dream we won 2-1! It’s on like Donkey Kong! Although I was playing upfront with Dalot so not sure I should read to much into it.
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    Christian Eriksen

    It’s not just money that would motivate players to come here, our success may have tailed off but we are still one of the biggest clubs in the world and still have an awful lot of prestige attached to us. Also it’s not like Spurs are very far ahead of us and unless they spend some money I think...
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    The race to finish in the top four

    Arsenal were damn lucky, if Watford didn’t go down to ten men there was no way they were winning that game.