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    João Felix

    Seen a fair few rumours of late linking us with this guy. Can’t say I’ve seen a lot of him but tracked down this video on YouTube that shows his potential. Looks like he’s got a fair bit about him. Seems to be rated as the next Ronaldo - not a fan of these ‘next’ comparisons but can see where...
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    Premier League 2018/19: Manchester United v Liverpool

    The defence and midfield pick itself and it kind of depends on fitness to pick the rest of the side. Guess we will know more with Ole’s press conference later this week, he should let us know whether Lingard or Martial have a shot. If they are both ruled out would definitely like Sanchez to start.
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    De Gea not happy with United contract offer

    Don’t even to need to delve into his age and reaction times for me, he’s only recently turned 28, he is in his prime now and after the many years he has single handedly kept us in games he deserves everything he gets. Really hope we can get this tied up quickly because he continues to be the...
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    Ole Gunnar Solskjær confirmed as interim manager

    It’s irrelvant really what Ole does between now and the end of the season for me. Sure you can say let’s see until the end of March or the end of May but I think he has already shown enough to suggest he’s the man. Obviously he’s brought a freedom to the side but tactically he’s been very...
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    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    Yep that’s what I think and I reckon we need to get the third one nice and early to kill the game. If Chelsea get 1 then they will be right in it.
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    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    2-0! What a night so far! Wonderful ball from Rashford and a splendid header from Pogba!
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    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    Herrera!! The beautiful Spaniard! Some ball from Pogba.
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    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    Hmm Mata. Although have seen reports it’s going to be a diamond with Mata as number 10 and Rashford/Lukaku up top. So our 100% Sanchez prediction went down the swanny pretty quickly. Lukaku needs to find some form because this is the game when we really need him to step up!
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    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    Goalkeepers: De Gea, Romero, Grant Defenders: Dalot, Young, Smalling, Shaw, Lindelof, Bailly Midfielders: Matic, Pereira, McTominay, Fred, Pogba, Herrera Attackers: Lukaku, Chong, Rashford, Sanchez, Mata That’s the travelling squad. To be expected and the inclusion of Chong was muted by many...
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    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    I could see the logic in going for Mata because it’ll probably be a close game and his guile could unlock the door for us. However I really think this Chelsea team can be got at as shown by City, Bournemouth and a few others this season. Big question is who would the Chelsea left back rather...
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    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    100% for me. We don’t have many options to be honest. I fully expect a 4-3-3 with Sanchez, Lukaku and Rashford.
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    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    I don’t think Ole’s credentials should be based on the result tonight at all. All I ask for is to compete and actually look like we are a team who can beat these bigger sides. Obviously losing Lingard and Martial isn’t great but if we can beat Chelsea and hold our own against Liverpool and City...
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    Noam Emeran

    I saw an interview with him and he said the player he really admires is Gael Kakuta - let’s hope he does better for us that Kakuta did for Chelsea after being lauded as a ‘wonderkid’. Plus DOB 2002, gosh I feel old.
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    Romelu Lukaku | Match Discussion thread 2018/19

    Throw a couple of players at Dortmund and get Sancho in return. Don’t think Lukaku would scrub up to bad in the Bundesliga. I don’t think Dybala would particularly fit into our team, his best positions are as a number 10 or that false 9 position. He hasn’t been that good at right wing, he’s...
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    3 Players who would transform us into contenders ? ...

    Just on Icardi, just read he’s been sacked as Inter captain and refused to play last night in the Europa League. So looks like he’ll be available in the summer but by all accounts he seems like a bit of a douche. Not quite the type of character we should be going for I reckon. Also I don’t...