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    Andres Villas-Boas

    The ref should have insisted when it was clear Lloris was protesting he was okay to continue. All it would have taken is a simple bump and we could have seen a death yesterday. (and no, I'm not over exaggerating here) I would put it 60/40 ref/AVB IMHO.
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    Evra to leave United next summer

    Cue those that had hissy fits over Rooney wanting out to start up again over Evra..... I wish him luck in whatever he does....
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    Which three teams will be relegated in 2013/14?

    Nope, still think that the three promoted teams will shoot back down.
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    Which three teams will be relegated in 2013/14?

    I suspect that we will see a bit of bungee jumping with the three promoted teams going straight back down... But That's purely on one game's play by the three teams
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    Swansea City vs. Manchester United

    Good side...
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    Premier League Fantasy Football 2013/14

    Angels reach FC is me. DDG, Carrick and RVP
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    SSN Reporter takes a fall

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    England v Scotland

    Bit of a fairytale night for Lambert... Good to see Welbeck score.
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    Rate the last film you watched

    Wolverine 8/10 GIJoe:Retaliation 6/10 Last Stand 6/10 Silver Linings Playbook 9.5/10
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    What are you doing right now?

    Looking at my place and thinking I need to do some tidying.... But can't find the energy to do it.
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    The Twitter Thread

    I hope it's not true... Seeing talk the news originated from some sort of betting thing....
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    Premier League Thread 2012-13

    1-1 now....
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    Celebrations from inside dressing room

    I wanna know what Rio spotted in that last image LMAO!!!! EDIT - and what the hell is with RVP's arm?
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    Champioles champioles ole ole ole!!!
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    Ryan Giggs | Match Performance Thread

    Someone told me that Giggs has more trophies than Arsenal....