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    Hernandez to move?

    My point was mainly to illustrate that we shouldn't lose a player who loves playing for us because of a player who doesn't wanna be here. RVP age thing is right but don't think it'll hinder his starting spot for next 2 seasons atleast.
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    Footballers playing for different countries to birth

    Why just footballers? It applies to all sportsmen and sportswomen. Wilshere comments were blatant and stupid. That means ppl like No Farah, Muamba, Hargreaves, Kevin Pietersen etc shouldn't represent England, despite having done schooling there? That's absurd. Wilshere is a cocky shithead...
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    Hernandez to move?

    I'd absolutely hate for a player like Chicha to move because of lack of playing time due to a unhappy player and a git like Rooney.
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    Fellaini out for 2-3 months?

    Does he still require surgery? I don't feel great considering Moyes didn't sound too great when asked about his injury after the game last weekend.
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    Gus Poyet appointed Sunderland manager

    Another reason to wish Sunderland get relegated this season.
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    Adnan Januzaj | Match Discussion thread 2013/14

    Simply excellent the way he played yesterday. We better tie him up to a new contract pretty soon because his stocks are only increase, and will continue to do so as we'll likely to continue to play him more in coming weeks.
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    Breaking Bad

    Yep it is. Kick starts really to the point where you get hooked to it from penultimate episode of season 2 onwards.
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    Breaking Bad

    You're about to come across some of the best episodes ever made. The last 4 episodes in particular are just top notch. Great and, at times, scary!
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    Breaking Bad

    Can't believe there isn't a topic on this show. It deserves one above any other show. Any of you here watched it? I've been following it since season 2 and I'm sad that's its over. Don't know what I'm supposed to do with my Sunday evenings now. :( Easily the best TV series out there, and I've...
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    Adnan Januzaj contract expires in 2014

    Hope, like everyone else over here, that we wrap up a new deal for him as soon as possible.
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    Why did Chelsea loan Lukaku?

    I've been scratching my head ever since I saw it happen mate. And they call Mourinho a genius.... I read a hilarious suggestion from somewhere that Mourinho felt he'd help Chelsea get points off rivals hence didn't mind loaning him out once he blocked Ba's move to Arsenal after they signed...
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    Point gained or two points dropped?

    Bit late to this, but definitely point gained IMO, especially considering the defensive improvement and also that no English team has ever won there. Could've won it if we wanted to, but ever since Fellaini went off we got overrun. Until then we were quite comfortable playing 3 man midfield.
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    Joe Hart

    Hilarious that Jeff Stelling wrote a column on Sky Sports requesting critics to not criticize Hart. This is quite hysterical I have to say. He wouldn't get half the criticism that De Gea for less than half the errors he made in his first few games in a NEW league. Agree with manc1976, its...
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    Sir Alex interview with Charlie Rose

    First, Charlie Rose interviews Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz and follows it up with an interview with Sir Alex the same week!!
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    Wilfred Zaha loan?

    When Ian Holloway mentioned that he tried to get Zaha on loan on deadline day. I thought it was the right decision not to loan him out considering how much he played for us in preseason. But seems like I was wrong, as this guy seems to have been completely frozen out. Mysterious.