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    Demetri Mitchell

    Was really pleased for Demi today, he has had a hard time with injury and always had a positive attitude and that has made him a better person. Played really well
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    What are you doing for the final?

    Fly to Munich tomorrow morning, then Stockholm in the afternoon, come back via Zurich on Friday
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    Hypothetical question: Antoine Griezmann or Harry Kane?

    Griezmann for me, as I have wanted him for a couple of years now, Kane however, ticks the "English" box
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    Nicky Butt placed in charge of Reserves on interim basis

    Have heard from a few people today that U16 coach Neil Ryan (Son of Jimmy Ryan) will be getting the U23 job
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    U18s: Manchester United v Middlesbrough

    Yeah, the pitch was very heavy due to the rain, even though it has proper drainage, he just suffered from cramp I think, a few others were the same
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    U18s: Manchester United v Middlesbrough

    Thought Kanu was impressive and he is strong and very fast
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    Lee O'Connor

    He was class today
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    U18s: Manchester United v Middlesbrough

    Was sat next to Olly Byrne, James Dunn & Callum Gribbin for 1st half, Callum should be back in action soon and it was quite ironic to hear Byrne criticising our keeper!!
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    Reserves: Pre-season friendlies 2016/17

    Lost 3-0 to Blackpool today, no further details as yet
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    Tyler Reid

    I spoke to his dad last week about this, and they just felt that there would be better opportunities for progression away from United at this moment in time. He will do well at Swansea
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    George Dorrington

    George has signed for Huddersfield, in the article, are they seeing the same George we did?? Manchester United goalkeeper signs for new club
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    Ollie Rathbone

    Ollie has joined Rochdale
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    Charlie Scott

    I prefer to see him in midfield, but as he gets older you never know
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    Demetri Mitchell

    Has an offer of a new contract currently
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    Charlie Scott

    Has an offer of a pro contract currently