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    Rafa's Back!

    Indeedy. If this continues until the next year, then we'll only have Citeh to worry about... ... or probably West Brom?!?!?!?!
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    Premier League Thread 2012-13

    Wow. Good job, Hammers! That was a quick string of goals!
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    Anderson | Match Performance Thread

    My thoughts exactly. Carrick-Cleverley, or at least Fletcher-Cleverley (in some games) should start then Anderson comes in regardless of result at the hour mark. Time and again he's proven well when he's coming off the bench and I think we should take advantage of it while its happening.
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    Harry Redknapp

    How sad for him his first match will be a loss.
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    Premier League Thread 2012-13

    West Brom now in third. From a neutral point of view, it's rather cool. Interesting because who knows, they might end up in what, the upper five to seven? Still too early in the race to call, though.
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    Loan Watch (2012-13): Joshua King at Blackburn

    King joins Berg at Blackburn - Official Manchester United Website
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    Angelo Henriquez

    Not sure of accuracy, but is still interesting: Henriquez offered to Wigan Athletic - Fansfc
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    Beckham to leave LA Galaxy

    Allardyce keen on Beckham - Soccerway A-League still in Beckham mix - Soccerway
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    Chelsea confirm Di Matteo as permanent manager

    Roman Abramovich never rated or even liked Roberto Di Matteo - Telegraph Chelsea's sacking of Roberto Di Matteo is par for the course says Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas - Telegraph
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    UEFA Champions League 2012-13

    Well, mathematically, they weren't out before the game. If they won tonight, they'd still be able to have that hope of entering. And won't they try to seek for a Europa League spot? TV earnings are still earnings, even though its still significantly lower in the EL, than at the CL. *shrug* The...
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    Rafa's Back!

    O_O Well... this is interesting...
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    UEFA Champions League 2012-13

    Citeh are OUT!!! Bwahahaha! And from the looks of things, they might not even get into the Europa League! XD
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    David Beckham Back At United?

    ^ IMHO, a move to PSG would be a more unlikely scenario than him coming back to us (for one last time, please?). Simply because of the "talent" they want. They don't merely want that "marquee" signing. But that's just me.
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    Lionel Messi

    Five more and he breaks Muller's record.
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    Harry Redknapp

    inb4 Redknapp getting the Chelsea job.