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    Queens Park Rangers vs. Manchester United

    I'd take a 1-0 win for us right now.
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    The improbable chip

    Personally i'd be more worried if we weren't having attempts on the opposing goal! I can see where you're coming from but Rooney is that type of player, if he sees it he goes for it.
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    The battle to be number one

    For me i'd be leaning towards picking Lindegaard for the reasons you've just outlined has he has barely put a foot wrong. De Gea has indeed made errors but i think the kid does have potential, he also needs to bulk up etc so we'll stick with him probably as number 1, but Lindegaard is one hell...
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    Europa League

    Can't see that happening to be honest. There will be a few first teamers playing in the Europa League. Also don't forget if we field what would be generally considered a 'weakened team' UEFA can most certainly give us a slap on the wrist.
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    Europa League

    Fergie on Europa League: "The Europa League is a good competiton and a strong competition. We're in it and we'll try and win it." Fergie's right. Can you imagine the stick if we finished bottom of the group and out of any sort of European competition? That's happened before! Cynical United...
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    Nicolas Gaitan

    I mean the Independent's article is suggesting that we're interested in signing both Gaitan and Garcia. Can you genuinely see us splashing out one hell of a lot of money in January on two players when the gaffer has effectively ruled it out? I cannot see it.
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    Platini criticises Fergie's Europa League comments

    I mean as regards the Europa League we have to respect the competition, some United fans who start degrading it because we happen to be in it isn't constructive. Is it a lower tier of European football? Yeah but we have to take it on the chin because we didn't blooming well qualify. If God...
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    Stand up and be counted

    For me both Carrick and Rooney were equally as good as each other. I see both of your points of view and hey that's what forums like this are for. You both are entitled to your opinions as i am.
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    New United captain

    I agree with giving the armband to Rio, although Jones will be in with a shout probably sooner rather than later.
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    One United

    We were always going to get a reaction in my view. Good win.
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    Platini criticises Fergie's Europa League comments

    Platini is in the Sepp Blatter league, another self-important individual. Fergie is perfectly entitled to say what he wants, it's a demoracy.
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    David de Gea | Match Performance Thread

    I agree. That was one hell of a save from Coloccini.
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    For me we've played quite well over the last couple of games and come out with two draws, it's bizarre. I mean at least we've been playing well, if we were playing badly over the last two games it would be concerning me but we generally haven't.
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    Fergie's right...

    Yep, Chica was quite clearly onside and Rio put in a brilliant challenge, never a spot kick in a million years. Ref and officials had a shocker.
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    Gary Speed RIP

    Yeah, apparently he committed suicide. Shocking news. Genuinely can't believe it as i was watching him on Football Focus on BBC1 yesterday. Gary Speed was one hell of a player and a gentleman.