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    Eden Hazard

    I'm pretty sure that Hazard has stated that his prefered options would be either Arsenal or Real Madrid! I can understand the Arsenal link, they have a great track record with youngsters, as do we, but Real Madrid! Waste of time going there!
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    Sanchez Has Heart Set On United Move

    Re: Sanchez Has His Heart Set On United Move Regardless of the financial situation, I think SAF will bid for either Sanchez or Ninis in Jan/Summer as well as Steven Defour! I can't wait to see him in a United shirt! Think Welbeck will leave in the summer, and Owen will go to Villa, possibly...
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    Car Boot Real Madrid Sale?

    VDV has recently confirmed that he did not make the staement about United! He said that he has not talked to any Enhlish press and wants to play for Madrid! I don't think SAF would sign him anyway! We need a more defensive midfielder, as it looks like Hargo is done!
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    Season Expectations?

    My hope and dreams for this season are as follows :- premier league champions - this is going to be tight. Chelsea, City and Arsenal will finish 2nd, 3rd & 4th respectively! United to win by 4 points! FA Cup - I'd love us to win the old trophy, but I believe that it will be heading to to White...
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    Raul Meireles

    I hope we sign him! Was very impressed with him at the world cup. I think this means that Hargo is probably finished! Which is a shame! As far as Anderson goes, I wouldn't be surprised to see him go out on loan to Porto as part of the deal! It would give him regular football, a chance to build...