Fight for United?


By Ben Davies

“We will fight, fight, fight, for United,
‘Till we win the Football League”

Fight is exactly what we will have to do for the remainder of season, we cannot let the season fall away after a disappointing fortnight. Will we fall away? Not a chance, not while Sir Alex Ferguson is at the helm. Five games remain, every game is a must win giving ourselves every chance of winning our fourth consecutive Premier League title.

This time two weeks ago we were sitting pretty – top of the table after a comfortable 4-0 victory against Bolton and all was looking well. Fast forward two weeks and we’ve lost control of the title race and suffered a gut wrenching defeat in the Champions League. How will the players react? Well, I sure wouldn’t like to be a Blackburn player today; I really can see nothing else other than a United victory. Sat in the changing rooms before kickoff the Blackburn players will know United are hurting, they will fear a backlash. What is the phrase “be aware of the wounded animal”, United are certainly a wounded animal, backed into a corner with the only thing left to do – fight!

There will definitely be no Rooney today after his miraculous recovery to play against Bayern. So will United go for a 4-5-1 formation where Rooney has perfected the role as a lone striker but Berbatov struggles or play a 4-4-2 formation allowing Berbatov to be at his best?

It’s an easy decision – in a 4-4-2, Berbatov can pull the strings, threading through balls for the runs of Macheda, Nani and Valencia. I’ve heard suggestions that Nani should be rested after his tireless efforts against Bayern; I’m having none of that though. Nani will be full of confidence after scoring two goals and should be allowed to maintain the high standards he is now setting.

Carrick this season has been a real disappointment. We all know of his recent failings so there is no point discussing again. We should not forget however his first three seasons at United, he’s been a top performer and played in the majority of games during a successful period in United’s history. Today, I think we’ll rely on a golden oldie in the shape of Paul Scholes to partner Darren Fletcher in centre midfield.

What should we do with Rafael?

Should he start after his sending off or should we let the dust settle by allowing the returning John O’Shea to take the right back spot. I guess it depends on Rafael’s mental state of mind, apparently he cried after the defeat against Bayern so obviously and understandably the red card has had an emotional effect. Sir Alex Ferguson and his team will know Rafael’s state of mind, whether he is ready to play again.

Personally, I’m inclined to start Rafael. For sixty minutes against Bayern he had Ribery in his back pocket and today’s game will provide Rafael the chance to eradicate the red card from his system.

Blackburn have a great home record only losing two games and haven’t lost in their last four games, but I don’t care. I really feel United are going to take no prisoners. My prediction is a 4-0 win for United: two for Macheda and a goal apiece for Berbatov and Macheda.

Danger man – David Dunn

Fight for United? Dead right!

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  1. Good article mate, i think rafael to start and macheda to come on after half an hour or so if theres no breakthrough

  2. well what a load of rubbish. its time for a new start next season. get rid of the galzers fergie nevile scholes keep giggs. bring in the red knights and mourhinoi am sick of watching shite of football very game you may disgree with time but why would play 3 old players again . giggs kept the ball . scholes fouling all the time were velencia they only thing he did was missed an open goal theres now engrey in the team. confindence has gone compltete sence we lost to bayern in the firsr leg. i am sick. now in a few hours i might i am wrong fergie should. but decsions are getting wore every game. should played rafheal today nevile nothing his crooses shocking .

  3. may be to harsh on fergie jiust carreid away jiust tired of watching boring football. were the same team as we were in 2007 we start palying nice football. i think it will take a leat 3 years before we get back to the the way we used play. you looked at barca last nite how well they kept ball we used to that but now were giving it awy to often. at leat we shoud we 2 pionts ahead of chelsea cos we normaly beat villa at home fulham away. that would be 5 pionts clear. there is something not right rather palyers has lost faith in fergie or coaching staff. or some palyers might be concerating on the world cup not putting in 100 per cent look at carrick wes brown rio carrick doesnt seeming to be at this season. rio in and out of team. injured again today probaly out for the rest of the season. evra another palyer not a his best latwly no it might be tired sence palyed every game this season. who nows why there not same last year or those all come down to roanldo and tevez nevere replaced them. jiust fergie gets it right next season on players formation buying palyers lets hope a nice summer break in france will do world good and we will see the old fergie back season congralations to chelsea for winnging league or are speaking to soon all down bolton time to go bed. roll on city. hope this bilp two weaks

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