Down and Out..? Manchester United 1 Chelsea 2


In the big heavyweight clash, Chelsea landed the knockout punch against Manchester United to seize the initiative in this season’s title race.

Chelsea fully deserved their victory in my opinion. Yes, their second goal was incorrectly awarded after Drogba had strayed offside, however we were fortunate with the goal we scored as Macheda clearly used his arm to force the ball into the Chelsea goal.

Most will agree Chelsea dominated the first half – their ball retention was excellent keeping possession of the ball for long periods and at half time deserved their 1-0 lead. We were the better team in the second half but I felt our attacks were more huff and puff rather than the precision and control shown by Chelsea in the first half.

After a defeat I normally stay clear of any media, so I have yet to hear any reaction to our loss. I’m guessing the knives will be out for Dimitar Berbatov in the media and from our own fans. The usual rubbish of why did we spend £30 million and he isn’t United quality… Granted, Berbatov didn’t have his best game but we did not lose the game because of Berbatov, we lost due to a poor team performance – a number of players under-performed. Let’s see how Berbatov does for the remainder of the season before we write him off just yet…

I suppose there are a few that will question the starting line-up. With Chelsea missing their first choice full backs I was surprised not to see Nani start, he has been in good form recently and would have asked question of the Chelsea defence. When Nani eventually replaced Park he made a difference, he provided the cross from which we scored and the team looked a greater attacking threat.

We look a tired team at the moment. Fletcher and Evra have given their all this season but now look jaded and it is telling in their performances. Chelsea looked the fresher team unsurprisingly really as they had no midweek game and as a result dominated the all important midfield battle.

I’m sure there will have been plenty of knee-jerk reactions to the loss. There will be accusations of “this player or that player is not good enough” but we lost to the better team on the day and sometimes you just have to take on the chin, dust yourself down and come again. The defeat doesn’t necessarily worry me; how tired as a team we look is my main concern, the performance has left me less confident of victory against Bayern on Wednesday.

Chelsea and now firm favourites to win the title. Let’s hope for a few more twist and turns yet. In my preview blog I stated whichever team were victories would win the league, forget that I still fancy our chances or is that blind faith?

Can United still won the league?

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    well i have have watch game a again online. are passing was rubbish. the first th got down nevile and velencia sideno one mad changle them. even rio stuck out his left leg were he should have stuck out his right leg were was vidc when joe cole scored he was a mile way from him shocing definding. the sceond goal mile of side. i have watch it four times. if you see agian there were two palyers of side drop and some else. if we had palyed like we didin the secind half we would have won our least draw. i cant understand why carrick didnt start scholes kept fouling how times did refree warned him. to be fair giggs he didnt have clue were he was palying he was palying in the miiddel behind berbatov out in the wing same with park cant balme them. nani should start again. i think we can still win the league only if we beat rovers and city and chelsea lose to to spurs and liverpool and maybe draw agiams bolton our stoke.

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    The fact that Fergie put all three of his Golden Oldies in the starting line-up surprised me. It’s been a while since all three started a game together and taking into account that Scholes and Neville played on Tuesday, I thought it wouldn’t happen.

    Neville stuggled with the athletism of Malouda and Giggs looked a shadow of the player he was before the injury. In the first-half we were off the pace and looked a yard slower than the Chelsea. By no means are they finished but yesterday may have been one game too many for Neville and Scholes.

    For some reason our squad is looking seriously thin at them moment. With some many players missing throughout the season, we have done well to be within two points from the top. Maybe the return of O’shea and Hargreaves will play a big part to keeping our hands on the title for the fourth consecutine season

    Nani made that spark that we lacked and he made an impact soon after coming on. Our 18-year old ‘Kiko’ was the only player to put the ball in the back in the next. OK, it wasn’t he greatest goal but he did what Dimi failed to do and that was get us a goal.

    The players will need to respond and their game against Bayern on Wednesday will go a long way to resurrecting our season. Blackburn away next week will be tough as previous meetings prove.

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    Jason Freeman on

    For 60 mins we were still in Munich then we got back to Manchester Airport and things looked promising and then we arrived at Old Trafford.

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings and I believe it is far from over. I don’t feel as confident as I did yesterday morning but i’m still very optimistic.

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    i have said my mates what would rather permiership our champions league mates say champions league why cos we have a better chance of winng the champions league. bayern is a one of game. they will make sure they make mistake. you can afford to make a couple against chlsea and lose. and you can make up for it, very bayern one make stake and your out. @ indy agree with you giggs scholes should nevere had palyed. teacher pets always get nod over the trouble makers.

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    i have herd reports in spain spain saying rooney is set for a sensational return for the muinch only if he trains 20morrow are does reports trough

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