Di Maria to Manchester United – Yes Please


During this season there has been plenty of talk regarding Manchester United’s interest in Angel Di Maria. I’ll be honest, before last night’s game between Benfica and Liverpool I’d seen very little of Di Maria. On first viewing I was very impressed, I hope he is wearing the red of Manchester next season rather than Benfica.

Following the defeat to Bayern on Tuesday I’ve been in discussion (on my blog) with “Mc D” on the merits of Michael Carrick. The discussion turned to weaknesses and improvements required in our squad when Di Maria’s name cropped up. Di Maria has been mentioned several times to me as a solution for the left wing spot; but as I’d yet see Di Maria with my own eyes I was unable to give a valid opinion. I therefore decided to watch the Liverpool match to see what all the hype is about.

To those that have seen Di Maria will know his strengths and attributes – plenty of pace, a trick or two and he’s not scared to have a shot but what impressed most was his quality of crossing. Benfica easily could have scored two or three goals from his crossing if not for poor heading on the behalf of the Benfica forwards.

Di Maria is very one footed. During the game against Liverpool, Di Maria had the perfect opportunity to cross using his right foot but chose to use his preferred left foot; the cross was poor in comparison. Surprisingly for someone so left footed, Di Maria spent portions of the game playing as a right-winger but I felt he was less effective on the right. On the left Di Maria gave England’s Glen Johnson a torrid time.

In recent seasons we have been fortunate to have two players in Ronaldo and Nani that are relatively comfortable using either foot. This has allowed Fergie to swap the pair during a match if one of them is struggling to dominate the opposition full-back and gives the opposing manger something to think about. With Di Maria and Valencia we have two players that are very one footed which means they are unlikely to swap wings like Nani and Ronaldo have in the past. Do you see this as a problem?

How much will Di Maria cost, £25m-£30? Can Manchester United afford Di Maria?

Would you be happy with the signing of Di Maria or is there a better alternative?

Do Man United need another left winger or are there positions in the team requiring reinforcing more urgently?

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  1. Jason Freeman on

    We could do with a natural left footed player I think, we have got Tosic and according to reports he’s done very well on loan at Cologne but whether Fergie thinks he’s good enough to play in the best league in the world and for the best team is another thing.

  2. Di Maria is the perfect replacement for Rian Giggs, he has pace,is a very tricky player and under the guidance of Sir Alex he will improve a lot.He has got that character to play for UTD….

  3. I was in the same boat as you last ngiht – I had heard things and seen a few highlights on footytube of Benfica games and he always seemed lively. Last night I wanted to see how he faired against “England’s best right back”, and, in Kuyt, a player who isn’t afraid of a good defensive shift.

    Needless to say I was very impressed, he is direct, very pacey, has a great shot on him and, on last night’s evidence, can whip in a wicked cross.

    Would certainly not be adverse to seeing him at OT next year, but that then leaves problems with out two wingers atm – Nani and Valencia, who are both very much confidence players, the Portugese in particular.

    What would Di Maria’s introduction mean – Nani and Valencia fighting it out on the right, or Nani trying to keep his place on the left, where he is distinctly more uncomfortable? Like you, I have been completely underwhelmed by Carrick this season, and I think it is telling, although never picked up on by the media, that our resurgence in form this season came at the same time as a regeneration of Scholes, after his shocking Fulham performance. I wonder how United’s season would be looking if we had only Carrick to rely on as a consistent creative force in midfield.

    He has had a difficult season, and it’s worth bearing in mind that he had to do a spell in defence and has struggled since, but even against Bolton when he came on, he often misplaced passes and gave the ball away – a worrying new trend.

    With this in mind, it is tempting to think of how Valencia plays for Ecuador – through the middle. If we play 4-5-1 then the 3 in a 4-2-3-1 of Nani, Di Maria and Valencia is an interesting option, although, ultimately I don’t think it is one that SAF would be keen on. Hargreaves and Fletcher sitting and 3 wingers behind Rooney? We still lack that creative spark….Ando?

    Sorry for the length of this, but Di Maria got me thinking. Still think he looked very good last night, and might be better than our current options on the left, but is he £30 mil better? I’d first of all be looking centrally to add the ‘guile’ and ‘craft’ (thank you Andy Gray) that only Giggs and Scholes are capable of offering atm.

    Any reposts are more than welcome!! 😀

  4. I agree about Anderson being better suited than Valencia to that role. I also agree about his reputation being a bit generous, although I admit to being one who holds him in that regard – a completely irrational belief that he will be one of the best, which I duly take a slagging for everytime I predict – ‘Anderson to get the winner!’.

    How Carrick does in the next two games will make an impression on what SAF thinks he needs doing. As will the true extent of Hargreaves injury and the real story with whether Anderson has a future (I’m praying he has a chat with Nani and sees the strides he has taken since being bollocked, dropped and injured).

    Sure, I’ll register. Usually on ROM, but do a round of the Utd blogs on a pretty daily basis. This is fairly new, right? Would be interested in joining in – partly because I saw your support of Berbatov and hold the same belief that Bobby Robson did – if you don’t appreciate Berbatov, you don’t appreciate football.

  5. Think Silva should be 1st choice left wing target but yeah Di Maria would be a very good signing.. I really don’t think that a left winger should be considered a priority this summer. I really feel we need a creative centre midfielder because compared to the other top sides we don’t have anything through the middle.
    Liverpool have Gerrard… Chelsea have Lampard… Arsenal have Fabregas and Barca have Xavi and Iniesta, which sets them apart..
    Centre midfield is the most important position in my opinion and we used to be lucky with Scholes and Keane but now it’s very weak. Fletcher is decent but we need a partner for him….. Gourcuff or Hamsik would be brilliant.. What do you think ?

  6. well i cant see di mara coming one reason nani palying seaon. 2 james milner could be coming. sterford i know he palys i in the middle but were those he normaly play right ourleft wing. 3 benfica have said they want 30 million for.4 does fergie realy want another argaintina palye veron left to chelsea tevez left to city.

  7. aslo ashely young was linked with us last season. if you had choice between di mara our young. also what double singing would you before david villa – daivd silva= or james milner – ashely young. personaly cant choose there all exciting but we have a better chance getting millner and young as there english and ashton villa our in debt so our velencia as well bring on 20morrow

  8. hey friends..
    i really liked wat u said about berbatov..
    he’s a great player
    am sure he”ll show 2 the world what a player he is against chelsea and bayern..am confident..
    we have a really good midfield but we just lack a player in the zidane or kaka mould..i think that diego of juventus(who maybe will sell diego in the summer) would perfectly fit the bill and he should replace scholes..three in midfield with fletcher and carrick(or hargreaves) sitting just behind diego that would be great..because diego is a true playmaker and he has what it takes to be a true united player..just think of diego playing just off rooney with valencia or nani on the right and silva or di maria(i personally prefer di maria because silva is not so quick for a winger but he’s got tons of class and he also plays just off a striker where he’s one of the best(you would know if you watch the games of spain or valencia)..that would be the perfect squad for me and with berba also there that would give us options mate…gourcuff also would be superb btw and what do you think of eden hazard of lille?? hazard is just 19 but he gives me the feeling of being better than ronaldo was at that age..and with fergie to guide him just think of the outcome…

    i know di maria for 2 years now because he’s a regular for the argentina national team and man i tell that’s a a player i always wished manutd would buy..he’s a genius..

    have you heard of something like manutd’s bid for igor akinfeev being accepted or is it a rumour??dat would be a great signing i tell you..he may be the closest to peter schmeichel although nobody can be schmeichel..


  9. miller and villa would be perfect. if you notic no of our mifield score were milner does he is your lampard and gerrad type of palyer. watch bayern game other nite kept giving the ball carrick trying to give perfect ball all the time. were is milner jiust gives the easy ball. vill badly nned him have hary no strikes as you at moment. scored against aginst madrid the other nite.

  10. Tony Montana on

    I agree with one of the previous posts that we really do need a creative midfielder. A player that can lead us through the middle. Yoann Gourcuff will be a genius in the middle for Man Utd. Take the number 7 shirt from Owen and watch Gourcuff become the next Cantona for United. Concerning Di Maria, hes a good player but would really need to bulk up for the premiership. Di Maria seems to use the slick pitch at Benfica for his advantage whereas, the pitches in England arn’t obviously better conditions compared to Portugal due to the continuous rain. I just don’t think his pace and trickery will adapt quick enough to the premiership. Besides, we have Obertan who should be used more frequently next season given he has a good pre-season at the club. But i do believe we need another striker and should take full advantage snapping up Edin Dzeko. Probably hasn’t scored as much this season compared to his expectations, but he really does have great talent and looks like a “natural” striker.

  11. After Best and Gigs we have to have Di Maria.Lost Ronaldo we have Rooney but Di Maria would be a dream player.He has everything going forward and also he can defend.The boy is a winner and made for Manchester United.

  12. well reports in spain say real madrid are the favourites to sing haszard . i nhave seeming play once or twice to me the primership would be to strong for him were the spainsh league to slow play with the ball no one touching you . thats why roanldo moved to spain . also benzmena is stronly linked with man united and martin oneil has rubbish reports james milner is going to unied. but he did give a hin saying he would fit in to united perfict to man united team does that suggest anthing. i hope we win 1nil today take a one all draw come on

  13. league is over aslmost out of euorpe tine bring spainsh boy silva and villa would you sack fergie and bring in mourhino . its well i live in spain i be going to the beach for a swin any time we losse i go for swin when i come i am over the result. i am going to stoke last game of the season i git two tickests online yesterday. i wish i didnt borher now.

  14. Hope Fergie doesn’t waste any more money on average premiership players like Milner and Ashley Young.. Carrick has been a waste of money and I think that Milner and Young would command similar transfer fees. Gourcuff would cost the same as Milner and is twice as good. We should have looked for Sneider as part of the Ronaldo deal.

  15. the weakned could chelsea silp up would be we play city away chelsea paly spurs. what we need us to beat to city spurs to beat chelsea. aslo balkubrn next weakned what day is that game on. if we beat rovers then i think we will win the league. i agree fergie has done brilant this seson consdierding his injury, but i do think we should bought more last summer even jiust strike. other rhat i am ouiet happy with, but as well i wish he get of his seat and shout a bit more. as e say in england . belive

  16. I just think Carrick has been average. I agree he has done well against teams like Bolton and Wolves but lets face it he is fairly average compared to Fabregas, Gerrard and Lampard. I just think we need a top quality centre midfielder and that Milner would be average. Plus Premiership clubs seem to demand over-the-top prices for their players. Do you honestly think James Milner is going to solve our midfield problems ?

  17. I would think Gourcuff could cost in or around 20 million pounds. City are supposed to be very interested in him but I think that with Laurent Blanc as manager of Bordeaux we could have a better chance of getting him. The thing is though that Miguel Veloso and Jack Rodwell (both defensive midfielders) are the only centre midfielders that I’ve heard us being strongly linked with so maybe Fergie doesn’t feel we need a creative midfielder. Hope thats not the case though. @ Stretord End Arising…. Who do you think Fergie will decide to sign in the summer ?

  18. No No No we have other sqaud issues ie replacing 4 old heros GN RG PS EVDS thats 4 world class players down on our first team. we already have spent three seasons blooding nani into a fine and potent left winger why replace him now at the cost of 30-40m cos that will be the cost when shity start sniffing we also have Tosic who i rate highly and Obertan who has potenial also not forgeting cleverly who can play anywhere. No leave him. we need a creative but strong ACM so in my opinion that rules out silva. I would go for Milner we also need a back up forward in the mould of agbonlahoor/saurez and a keeper. Lloris/Neuer. I think De Maria is good and him saying he will not stop until he fills his dream to play for manyoo has got us all drooling but we just cannot afford him when we have these other issues, leave him for 3-4 years till hes mid twenties and the glaziers have gone and some billionaire hong kong fan has bought us paid off the debt and given David Moyes 250 million for new players…….ok i know im dreaming lol

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