Deflated, Devastated, Angry – Bayern Munich 2 Manchester United 1


Deflated, devastated, angry are just some of the feelings I felt after last night’s defeat to Bayern Munich.  I have no complaints whatsoever to the defeat, Bayern were simply the better team on the night and ran out deserved winners. If truth be known, we are lucky to bring Bayern to Old Trafford with the score only at 2-1. What disappointed me is the performance, we were lacklustre and felt Bayern had greater energy.

Well, the big talking point is of course is the injury to Wayne Rooney. As I type, there are rumours circulating Rooney will be out for approximately four to six weeks but as of yet we have had no official confirmation.

We’ll have to wait and see what affect Rooney’s injury has to the remainder of our season. Many have already written off our title challenge suggesting the other forward options are not good enough. Well, this is Dimitar Berbatov’s time to step up – a time for him to repay the faith shown from his supporters and a time for him to prove his doubters wrong. This is a defining moment in Berbatov’s, Manchester United career; win the title for United and he will once and for all silence his critics. The loss of Rooney is of course massive, but I have every faith in Berbatov.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect start with Rooney opening the scoring within two minutes. After the goal however we saw a dire performance, our worst performance away in Europe since the defeat to AC Milan in 2007 in my opinion. At times in the first half I couldn’t believe how deep our midfield was, they we virtually on top of our back four which of course left Rooney isolated. Fair play to Rooney, he chased absolutely everything as he normally does.

Van der Sar is probably the only player that can hold his head high after his performance. Edwin was easily United’s man of the match and I dread to think of what the score may have been without his heroics. I felt Gary Neville had a very good first half; I was worried beforehand of the contest between Ribery and Neville and for the majority of the match I felt Neville acquitted himself well… apart from yes, you know it… the stupid handball.  I struggle to believe why a man with the experience of Gary Neville would do something so silly. I just knew Bayern would score from the resulting free kick and they did thanks to a lucky deflection of Wayne Rooney.

The less said about Evra’s mistake for the winning goal, the better. I find it hard to be overly critical of Evra, he has been superb all season (alongside Rooney, arguably United’s man of the season) but that was some clanger last night.

I stand by the motto of “you win as a team and you lose as a team” none of this nonsense of blaming individuals no matter how bad an individual mistake is.

We shouldn’t be too disheartened about the result; with an away goal it isn’t the worst result in the world. The performance was the worrying aspect, perform like that at Old Trafford and we can say bye bye to the Champions League for this season. Personally, I don’t think we can perform so badly again but the only way a performance can earned is through hard graft, matching and bettering Bayern’s hard.

A positive to come from last night’s defeat is how poorly Bayern’s defence performed. You have to feel we will create chances at Old Trafford, Bayern however have a goal lead which they will fight for with their lives.

It’s going (hopefully) to be another memorable European night at Old Trafford next Wednesday – it will be buzzing.

Come on United!!!!

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    Strange game, thought Fletch & Nani did ok but Carrick, Park & Scholes were on the backfoot throughout, (reminded me of last years CL Final). The sub decisions look odd now, but we forget we hit the bar twice & felt we would have created further chances as Bayern pressed.
    Perhaps the players are trying to fit a formation (Wingers played out of position ) now it looks like it may be time to build a team around Berba, with Hargreaves hopefully returning enabling Carrick to push up with Fletcher.
    Anyway, Time to look at other teams problems!

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    i have been banging on about this now with my mates for the last 2 seasons and finally they are beginning to agree with me, Michael Carrick is not good enough at the highest level!! now i know some United fans will jump down my throat and start listing off medals he has won but most United fans are intelligent football fans and will agree Carrick is just not working. I remember when he was 1st signed certain sky sports “experts” where declaring this a masterstroke, the missing piece in the United jigsaw, with his passing ability linking midfield to attack wit one swing of his right peg. the truth however in my eyes is the opposite. time and time again, in the big matches carricks passing is shocking, looking to go backwards or sideways rather than forward…and when he does try the odd forward pass it is more oftern than not, well of its intended mark. The amount of times he gets caught on the ball is also ridiculous for a player operating at the level expected of a United player. Park can often be accused of picking the wrong option at times as was Fletcher in his early days, but both have the moral courage and determination to win the ball back, to chase and apply enough pressure to win the ball back. So i ask myself, if Carrick isnt creating in the big matches, isnt breaking up play or dominating games, what exactly does he offer in order to keep his place in the starting 11 for all the big matches. Hamsik from Napoli or Arteta would be much much better options, Hamsik the long term answer, Arteta would add creativity for the next 4 seasons at least. anyway, i needed to get that of my chest, anyone agree? :):)

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    haha, i thought you might disagree alright!! 😉 Look, im not one of these fans who is always waiting for the oppurtunity to slag off one of our own players, i live in an area surrounded by Liverpool fans, so im forever defending our players and club. But i think we are deluding ourselves if we try to say Michael Carrick has been performing up to scratch in the big games, or in games when we need battlers to scrap out 1 nil victories. I have never said that i have a problem with the ball being passed sideways or backwards if that is the best option available. Roy Keane was hardly a pass master, but the difference being he almost always completed his passes and went to look for the ball of the back four. i find with Carrick, when the game is in need of someone to grab it by the scruff of the neck, the kind of “give me the ball so i can make things happen” attitude is never on display from Carrick. More times than not, he moves away from the back 4 rather than demanding the ball like a ball playing central midfielder should. We all know what Fletcher brings to the team, but im sure you will agree, he isnt in there to spread the ball around, to pick out forward passes or to slide through the killer balls. Yet this Saturday, if both Carrick and Fletcher play, count how many times Carrick will pass responsibilty to Fletcher rather than up the tempo himself. We have had players through the years that things were not happening for them all the time but i always had defended them due to their passion and effort, im talkin about Phil Neville, Jesper Blomqvist, Diego Forlan, Fletcher (in his earlier career) Poborski, etc…but im finding it increasingly difficult to defend Carrick when he isnt passing like he should, not putting in any tackles of note, not dictating games at all. you asked me name to name the big games Carrick has gone missing in, well rather than list them (my fingers are getting sore, im a one finger typer 😉 haha) i ask you this, name 5 games this season where you have come away and said, “wow, michael Carrick made the difference today” or even “michael Carrick was one of our best 3 players today” and be honest!! Rooney, Evra, Park, Fletcher, Berba, Valencia and even Nani…you can think easily of games the ran the show in..but Carrick, nope. And as for look at all the medals he has won arguement…im sure if u look through all the great sides there was always one or two players riding the coat tails of others!! and anyway for god sake, Djimi Traore has a Champions League medal…are people gonna start telling me he is world class!! hahahahaha. im enjoying this debate mate…but i have a feeling we are gonna have to agree to disagree

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    So what your saying is you cant name any game that he influenced?? hahaha :):)
    The “running around like a headless chicken” statement is just silly, passion and effort isnt about running around like a headless chicken…its about giving 100% and having MENTAL and MORAL courage to step up to the plate and continue to do what you’re in the team to do. i know you have asked me not to compare him to Arteta, scholes or keane so im trying to think of deep lying midfield playmakers you may agree to compare him with. You would agree Carrick was signed as a deeplying playmaker as despite his deep role, he is not classed as defensive midfielder as tackling and defence are not the main function of his roles — he may have to be supported by a holding midfielder.(ie Keane, Fletcher, Hargreaves)
    Deep-lying playmakers are typically given a moderate amount of defensive responsibilities, but are granted freedom positionally to dictate the play as it evolves as well as a license to attempt long, riskier balls to the forwards. Does this sound like I am discribing the Michael Carrick of this season??
    Having said that, would you agree that it would be fair to compare Carrick to Pirlo in his younger years, Hamsik at Napoli, Xabi Alonso, Cesc Fabregas, Xavi more so than Iniesta, Stankovic in his day, Diego, Van der Vart etc?? And if so, honestly, hand on heart, and forgetting who they may play for or have played for in the past, how many of them would you consider much better then Carrick at all aspects of his role in the Unite team?? Each one of the above mentioned players, in my humble opinion, control games, are the heartbeat of their teams, without them the team would not be half as effective..i cant say the same about Carrick. And having been seated not far from Fergusons dug out a few times this season when he has let rip at Carrick, im sure had Anderson not been injured and Gibson a more able and experienced deputy, Carrick would have been benched a bit more often. I hope im not coming across as a knob, i’ve just been very disappointed with Carrick the past 2 seasons and this has been building up inside of me for ages now!! you are just the unfortunate person who has to try to read it and give a calm responce!! haha :):)

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    i remember dancng around the sitting rom when the news broke about Anderson signing for Man Utd on Sky Sports News!! The lads still slag me about it, i was never as excited as i was when we signed him, i thought this was our next superstar!! i had watched him a bit at Gremio as we used to have a Brazilian neighbour who insisted on making us watch all the “up and coming Brazilian gems”, and then followed his short career at Porto. I remember watching him playing as a very AM against Celtic and Arsenal and just standing out a mile….shots from distance, tricks, unbelievable passing range, tough in the tackle, upper body strengh, everything. I think United have found it very hard to fit him into our system, we couldnt afford the luxury of Anderson as an AM in our starting 11 which included Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez so Fergie tried to convert him into a more complete central midfielder. I think the difficulty he has had making this ajustment along with the difficulties he seemingly had getting over a broken leg before he joined United may have affected him, but any interviews i have seen with him, he seems extremely confident, sure of himself and not in anyway shy or suffering from self doubt. I hate to stereo type but how many Brazilians seem to get distracted by the trapping of the celebrity lifestyle, ie. Fatty Ronaldo, Adriano, Ronaldinho, Romario, Wagner Love, Robinho, Douglas Costa (we seriously dodged a bullet there, this guy is crazy) etc etc…even Alan Brazil was in trouble with the law lately!! sorry sorry i couldnt resist!! 🙂 i still hope Anderson makes a full recovery and turns out to be the AM genius i thought he would or the central midfield allrounder Fergie was hoping he would be!! who knows, he might take Carricks place in the team soon!! 😉
    On a completely different point, where do you think we need to improve the team/squad? Players you would like to see come in (realistically NO Messi or Ronaldo allowed 😉 ) and anyone you wouldnt mind to see move on..with our best wishes for their future endeavours of course!! 😉

  6. Avatar

    Krasic i think is class, but performs best as right winger so I’m guessing thats a no go!!
    As you have probably guessed by my past postings, I am a huge Hamsik fan!! i think he is class. i’d love for him to get a season or two working day in day out with the legend scholes so he would get a real understanding and feel of what it means to be a United player.
    I totally agree with you, left wing is our weak spot, and i reckon Di Maria is the solution! i try not to jump on the youtube bandwagon like some people because lets face it, Youtube could make Tony Hibbert look like Paulo Maldini with a bit off clever editing and some nice Eastern European dance music!:p ( my brother is an Evertonian, he would kill me if he heard me bringing any of his beloved toffees into this) but from clips i had seen of Di Maria online from maybe 5 years ago when he was 1st being mentioned in the tabloid press as the “New Maradona” i became a fan. Ask any fan of South American football and they will tell you Di Maria, not Messi, Tevez or Augero are the reason the Argies qualified for South Africa. He carried them in numerous games. He is lightening fast, delievers a great cross and has great close control and tricks. the only 2 question marks i would have about him is he hasnt contributed as much on the scoresheet as some Benfica fans would like, he is prone to missing the odd sitter and also he is one of those players that if touched, will roll around at least 8 times clutching his face, despite being kicked in the heel! :)He would need to understand that this wouldnt be tolerated in our game. He would be my number one target though. If he plays tonite, i heard he wasnt, but if he is, im sure you will be very impressed with what you see.
    Arteta would be a brilliant signing but Fergie has stated he will no longer sign players in their late 20’s.
    I worry slightly about the left and right back positions, not now but maybe in a few years. The twins seem very injury prone, and i read an interview wit Ole a while back where he stated he believed that they could well be used as wingers in the future, especially Fabio. Wes and O’ Shea are great squad players but i dont think O’Shea has the ability to become a 1st team starter game in, game out. and this is coming from a fellow Paddy! 🙂 and with Wes, if he could stay fit, i think he is our best option at right back.

  7. Avatar

    Totally agree!! Right back is his position, he seems to lack the concentration at centre half and 2007-2008 he was immense. Maicon would be a great signing, no point in investing in youthful promise at right back as we already have rafael, fabio can play there and we also have the Italian starlets Massacci and Fornasier who both can play right back. So id agree with you, lets invest in a ready made established right back like Maicon, although i would imagine he would cost our entire budget.
    Also id love to see Hugo Lloris come in as Goalie whenever VDS calls it a day. Think he is the best young goalie out there ahead of Igor Akinfeev, Manuel Neuer, Rene Adler etc although i always thought the obvious answer to Uniteds Goalkeeping issues before VDS and also Arsenals since Seaman was Shay Given…but to late for that now!! haha…if only i was a Russian multi Billionaire…haha

  8. Avatar

    Foster would be a great goalie at a mid table club..i think Utd is just to big for him, not his fault but dont think he is able to cope with the pressure of being in goal 4 the biggest club in the world. I think Kuszczak is actually a better goalkeeper than Foster but again is he really at the level of Schmeichel or VDS?? not many are, but id like to think we can get as close a copy as possible. If he is willing to stay and fight but be prepared to be an able deputy then great, because i do think he is a solid keeper. I find with the British Media that they seem to bury ALL their keepers as soon as they have one bad game, seems to be your major concern for the World cup!! if you agree to knock out them cheating French, we will let you borrow Given!! haha 🙂

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    Jason Freeman on

    A bit late, but I think we could have lost by even more to be honest, it wasn’t a bad result in the end + we got the away goal. It was one of those nights. Nobody was on it, no one was to blame for losing (except Gordon Brown haha), media have talked about how Fergie made the wrong subs, wrong tactics etc. It had nothing to do with any of that it was just not our night. When you’ve got Scholes and Carrick misplacing passes you know it’s not going to be a good night.
    Tomorrow everything will be back to normal.

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