David Villa to Manchester United?


By Ben Davies

The media this week has again linked Manchester United with a summer for Valencia’s David Villa.

The story of Villa coming to United or an English Premier League club has been bubbling under the surface all season. Last summer Valencia had financial problems so there was talk of selling one or two of their assets to ease their financial burden. Of course we were linked to Villa a week before we played Valencia in a pre-season friendly.

Other teams linked with a move for Villa are Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City. Liverpool, obviously due to their Spanish connection; Chelsea due to a knee jerk reaction after being knocked out of Champions League by Inter Milan and City… well, who are City not linked with..?

There is no doubting Villa’s quality, arguably he is the best striker in the world and would be a good addition to any squad. He has an International record of 37 goals in 55 games and a club career record of 230 goals in 448 games (a goal every 1.94 games) which any striker or ex-professional in the world will tell you is a phenomenal record.

How will the signing affect the current Man United squad?

With Rooney as the lone striker, United currently play a 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation for the bigger games in the Premier League and Champions League. What will happen to this team set-up with the arrival of Villa? Will United play a 4-4-2 formation for every game? I can’t see Rooney or Villa being happy with a substitute role for the big games. Surely after this season’s goal scoring feats Rooney will not play on the left hand side again.

I don’t see Villa’s arrival a problem for Berbatov. Rightly or wrongly Berbatov seems to accept his substitute role for big games. Will he be happy to slip down the pecking order again? Probably not, but next season I don’t envisage Rooney or Villa playing every game. Both Rooney and Villa will take part in this year’s World Cup. Occasionally, a player competing in a World Cup can struggle to recapture the form and fitness from their previous season. A World Cup can be a mental and physical strain on a player resulting in a lack of freshness throughout the following season. Berbatov’s Bulgaria have failed to qualify for the World Cup, therefore he will have a free summer and should be fully rested for the new season.

Without question there is a place in the squad for Berbatov. In the past we’ve normally had more than the two strikers in the squad and in our most successful season had Cole, Yorke, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Sheringham for example. Berbatov offers something different than Rooney and Villa.

Michael Owen’s situation could be a little dicier. Apparently Owen is interested in extending his current contract to 2012, the question is – are United willing to offer Owen an extension? With a crop of younger strikers knocking at the first team door (Diouf, Macheda and Welbeck), I feel Sir Alex Ferguson will give the opportunity to a younger player to be the fourth choice striker in squad.

What do you think? Yes, to the arrival of Villa or is there no value in signing a 28 year old for £35m+?

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  1. No, he’s the cost of £30 odd million is not something we’d look at for a 28/29 year old, got burnt with Berbaflop

  2. i am a man united fan and velencia i live in spain in velencia and i have seing him play every game. i think the reason berbatov is not playing in the big because he dose not put in the effort as he would like were david villa dose he score goals in big matches and he works hard for the team he reminds of tevez only better. i no person who works at velancia and he has told me united have made a bid for david villa but that was last season the reason they rejected cos his whife had a child otherwise he would have came. i will be sad if he left velencia cos i wont get to see him life he ouailty to watch and david silva i hope he stays and united have david villa i be happy either way cos he playing for the other team i suporf i am of to see velancai traani now the trani around 3 very day to hot in the moring hey i mieet david villa i have sAID HELLO TO HIM A FEWS TIME MAYBE I MIGHT BRAVE AND ASK IS COMINGING TO UNITED i WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW IT GONE GO TO THE VELNCIA ONE MY POST IS ALWAYS ON THAT ONE FERGIE FERGIE SING HIM UP.

  3. I am not in support of Villa coming to Manu.There will be a discord amongst the players and most especially sir shld give opportunity to the other strikers and allow Rooney to express himself now that he has discovered the art of scoring plenty goals.Berba will pick,i still have faith in him.Owen before the injury wld have hit 15 goals tally,that i know.Da’villa shld stay where he is.I trust sir,wldn’t spend that much to get him.

  4. man small little no history no success no local support city linked with lots, but can’t get any…FACT!

    villa, rooney, owen and berbatov would be awesome and we all know we can get him as we are his prefered english option and we are the biggest club in the world, everyone wants to play for manutd.

    lesson; 99% wants to play for united, the other 1% are liars

    manchester united are simply the best, period.

  5. Stretford End Arising on

    Brian, let us know if you ask David Villa? 🙂

    Do you think he will move this summer now his child/children are older?

  6. Stretford End Arising on

    Preye, I agree regarding Berbatov. Think he comes in for unwarranted criticism in my opinion.

    Which of the younger strikers do you think should be given his chance?

  7. Love the quite AJ, I think a lot of people are put off by his age and the money involved but to be honest you would be a mad man to turn down David Villa. He is a goal machine.
    We already missed out on 1 Spanish striker and look how that turned out!

  8. ya i think he will move to man united in the summer like said eariler thats only reason why he didnt move to united cos of his whife being had a baby i am certain he will this i jiust is united also ya berbatov has got critstim this eesson but he has being playing the last few game so maybe with villa coimimg nex season he might step up his perfamce i let you no how i got if i meet villa today fingers crossed hows the wather in england nice and sunny in spain hpoe is there to for villa when he moves to england

  9. if you had a choice who would you sing vlla our silva probaly villa as he score loads of golas what do you think

  10. More than Villa, I would like to see Silva there. He can play on the wide left in an orthodox 4-4-2 or as an advanced midfielder in a 4-5-1 … Clearly, SAF prefers 4-5-1 in the big games, and as you said, Villa or Rooney will not fancy being left out. Another thing is the price factor. 30 mil for a 28 year old? Thought I am a massive Berbatov supporter, I’ll be the first to admit that he probably hasn’t justified completely, his 30 mil tag. SAF will be just a bit coy abt takin another such gamble, I guess. But then again, when has risk ever stopped SAF from doing anything ??


  11. right if we realy want villa heres how to get him at velencai what we did was waking played for real beaties what we did we got a pettion going saying we wanted to sing over 20000 people singed the pettion and a few months later we singed him what saying to e lot if e realy want to go to man united get a pettion and send the it to the galzers and the might loot at that say well we might win the fans over and sing villa thats waht we did to sing waking thahs how we spell it in spain

  12. Stretford End Arising on

    Dzeko is a good shout, Roman.

    Dzeko’s goal scoring record this season isnt as impressive as last season, but still decent. How much do you reckon Dzeko would cost?

  13. All is very much ok with Rooney’s form right now,D Villa is good but they both play almost same football..

    • Stretford End Arising on

      Do you think both are too similar to play in same team? They will make the same runs therefore get in each others way?

  14. ya all right they are bot kind of similar but i said villa would be a better sing then silva but after your coments i have changed mind rooney and villa are kind of the same palyers like you said i dont think rooney fancy going out in the left again would he. To be honest we are realy stook on the left giggs is getting older and nani rather paly on the right so silva would be better than villa . so would make sence to buy silva instead. The papers are saying 40 million for and 20 million for silva so 60 spend to payers i dont think the galzers have that money so silva would be more relicte you never no do galzers might give a happy summer what do you think fergie sing them up please

  15. Stretford End Arising on

    I’d be surprised to see us spend £60m on two players but you never now. Fergie has said he has the £80m from the Ronaldo transfer available…

    Did you have the chance to speak to Villa today?

  16. Im not sure we need him now that rooney is playing as the main forward i think i might prefer silva but i certainly wouldnt complain if villa came

  17. Villa could be a good signing for United.. Will he adapt quickly to English football just like Torres?? I’m not too sure!!!

  18. Stretford End Arising on

    decent point Momzo17, at 28 Villa will have to adapt quickly. Or is age not a factor? Will adapting to the pace of English football be more of a problem?

  19. Villa is a goal machine ¡¡ Look at his curriculum a goal every 1.94 games) He and Rooney could be amazing for United. Sign him right now ¡¡¡

  20. i went to traing today but villa wasnt there he got a head injuary last nite in a one nil win he scored the only goal of the game but he got a knock at the end so he didnt triaing today. . but i was talking to mata he is intersted in a move to england i said to him what club he said liverpool i told dont go there i said to him you wont be on utv next year he said why not cos your not in the champoins league he laughed and walked away i say he didnt understand jioke hopulfy villa will be traing 20morrow

  21. How can any of you actually want Edin Dzeko instead of David Villa ?!!!! Dzeko is totally overrated…just cos he got 2 goals against us everyone thinks he’s Pele ! He plays in a shit league and hardly ever scores……
    Whereas Villa is a goal machine and would form an unbelievable partership with Wazza. And to those of you who think he’s too old – Drogba is 32 and is still top class. Even if we got 4 or 5 good years out of Villa it would be worth it cos then we can call on Macheda,King,Welbeck etc..
    By the way I want to know how Brian can speak to all the Valencia players.. do you work at the club ??

  22. Matthew N. Gravis on

    David Villa is a phenomenon. His outstanding goalscoring records aside (both national and international), his general play is also top notch. He’s skillful on the ball, rarely looses possession, and uses it intelligently. His workrate is up there with the best of them, and is probably one of the best sides to his game. This side to his game is rarely mentioned, although this is the main reason he’s such a torn in every defenders side. A bit like Tevez and Rooney in that respect, but more lethal. And the MAIN thing people should consider, are his freekicks. We’ll finally have a proper deadball-specialist in our team, able to strike the ball with power, curl and precision. Take a look on “David Villa freekicks” on YouTube. He really knows how to take em. Villa would be awesome in english football, not because of all the things mentioned above, but mainly down to his smart movement around the penalty area. He’s got a good 5 years left in him, and he’s just hitting his prime. Imagine how the bindippers would feel if we signed him and/or David Silva… 🙂 It’s now or never!

  23. well dezko or villa intersting dzeko is only 23 were villa is 28 but like you said villa is a goal meanchine were dzeko is onlly breaking trough and villa is more experience so there for i would choose villa b ut fergie did say he would not by not a old palyer he said berbatov was the last on he would buy but you nevere now. i jiust herd nani singed a four year deal does that rule out a move for silva i hope not what do e think

  24. jiust read an article in the spain toinght it say man united have agreed a 30 million for david villa all my veleinca freind have said its true this paper is alway right it wii be confirmed in the 5th of june. It also say they are in avantage of trying to agree a deal for silva 25 million they will cost jiust let know in england

  25. the marca news paper i have looked at the english paper this moring and i cant finding anthing did find anything in the english paper hpe united will be but bolton today

  26. Nothin in the English papers about Villa but I would think that the Spanish press would know more.. Hope Nani signing a new deal doesn’t end Uniteds interest in Silva and Di Maria

  27. Yea thats true but look at how successful Antonio Valencia has been and he is very one footed. Di Maria is lightning quick… he’s very skilllful and would light up O.T. Maradona rates him as the future of Argentinian football plus nearly every top club wants him. I think that Silva will probably move to Barca so I think Di Maria is the most likely signing on the wing. Also he said 3 months ago that joining United is his dream and that he won’t stop until he reaches it…… Sign him up !

  28. well the way nani played toingth aginst bolton fergie might think twice about buying silva or di mara i hoe nit nani had a poor first half good second half velencia was poor toinght so i still think we are short one the wings even berbatov scored two toinght will fergie think twice about singing villa thast of course if he keeps scoring between now and the end of the season . i have jiust watvh velencia toinght they lost 3 nil toinght a least man united won i hope we do sing villa and silva

  29. did her. e the news this moring about frank ribery. fergie said this moring he likes him a lot and some papers suggeting they will make a 40 million bid for him. maybe if do you still have ronaldo money 40 million for villa and 40 million for ribery obiusly the galzers are in debt but they might want buy two big names to win over the fans i hpe so

  30. Stretford End Arising on

    @ Brian,

    as mentioned in blog, I think the arrival of Villa wont affect Berbatov. There is enough games for three strikers in the squad.

    Agree, Nani was superb against Bolton.

  31. right i have being right down my dream for next season sense there not much to do on sunday only sit out in the sun here is van der sar
    wes brown vidc rio evra
    ribery fletcher hargeves nani
    rooney villa
    bench. foster james millner rodewell silva evans smailling what do you think thats only if we have that 80 million in the bank

  32. Stretford End Arising on

    I doubt we’ll sepnd £80million in the summer. I’d be surprised if we spent half that to be honest. Perhaps we could see Villa and perhaps Rodwell but not Ribery and Milner.

  33. did you here that ribery and robben are mayor doubts for 20morros game. I think we should go with berbatov and rooney up front and attack them for the off

  34. Stretford End Arising on

    I’ve heard Robben is a major doubt but not Ribery.

    I’m undecided at the moment how I feel regarding team selection.

    The Bayern defence is apparently weak so we couldwin the tie tomorrow night with a couple of goals taking the pressure of second leg.

    Brian, you watch German football, is their defence poor?

  35. ya i do watch german football ther defenc rubbish they lost 2 1 to stugrat on saturday they have lost there last two game only for ribery and robben they be no good. so i am expcting us to score at least 2 away goals rooney nani will score.

  36. hey i have red reports toinght ssying that we will shalke goalkeeper for 10 million they say he send scouts at the weakned his name manuel nevere i have seing play a few times he looks good they jiust let you know

  37. dont no real to me he reminds me of tomas kuszach. last summer they wanted 20 millio. i have seeing play a few times dont think he is wroth 20 million so maybe 10 million about right so is worth siing him when we got tomaz who plays same syle of goalkeeping

  38. ya nevere is simlar but if the game was ouiet and out of nothing he could bring of a world class safe maybe thats what thers interested in when he dose he can improve in other areas also fergie keepers can stay concrate for 90 minutes sometimes teams only get a few chance against us so maybe thats seing him. but i dont real see that in him but i only seeming him play a few game thats what think of him cant wait for 20morrow nite

  39. Stretford End Arising on

    I feel Kuszczak isnt great at claiming crosses or commanding his penalty area. Is Neuer similar?

  40. Stretford End Arising on

    @ Brian,

    have you heard about the departure of Martin O’Neill from Aston Villa? Apparently its due to Milner coming to Old Trafford.

  41. ya have being on differnt webiste and there saying that martin o neil has resinged but i didnt now about james millner that was the reason if its true that would be class i cant wait for the summer if thats true. let me no if he is defeintly gone

  42. i jiust herd that steven defour who is a long term target for man united i belive it is 3 year deal which rules out a move to man united which sir alex famousily write a get well letter. so that won is dead and burried

  43. belgiunm club it is the same team he is at now he has singed an extention to his contract what bad nite toinght i am sick rooney probaly out for 3 weaks whos going to play up for the second leg now and chelsea on saturdau. evra was rubbidh park was rubbish rooney was of form should have both another striker in the summer. any more news on jamed millner we could of used him toinght

  44. hey i have herd reports in spain that rooney is out for two weaks with a sprain ankel did you here anything in england is it true hope not

  45. newspaper is spainsh daily as they say number onee target around 30 million. they also sayy man united will go head to head wth madarid but reconk a deal is al most done with madarid.

  46. no they dont they should be trying to get a center half. they have to many attacking palyers i am trying to get tickets for madraid and baracelona no look so for i might go to barcelona this weakned to see them paly if i cant get tickets for madarid amd barcelona rather go to england for the chelsea match do are you going

  47. i have red reporta toinght in a french newspaper saying man united are interst in ding wigan charle n zabioa have you herd of him

  48. Stretford End Arising on

    yeah, I’ve heard of N’Zogbia. The Daily Mail in England have Roberto Martinez suggesting if one of the big guns come in for N’Zogbia he will leave.

    Manchester United were used as an example of a big gun so perhaps thats where the link has come from…

  49. reports in the daily spainsh as say benzenma is fed up with life in spain and wants a move to man united real madrid our willing to give benzenma on loan but man united want a permant deal. and they als man united are leading to chas for him which that leave real madrid in full control to sing david villa . thanks for tell me about charles n zabioa

  50. als roanldo wants to leave spain he likes being at reald madrid but not spainsh football and his nodbody likes him in spain simple which puts man united favourite to sing him. but i still dont thats a true story

  51. shocked that were knocked not. we have ot sing players. again this moring we have being linked with benzema. if we have no money hers plan b. berbatov carrick to spurs, swap for modric or arron lennon. hargeaves to villa swap for james millner. get benzenma on loan. then the following summer swap vidic for benzenma if he has good season with us. sing david silva for around 20 million. thats pretty good businnes o and if anderson gets back early then swap him for ashely young thats a long shot do.

  52. right fergie said yesterday he wants to buy young players well here my young players.
    21 years of age benzenma. di mara 22. david silva 23. james millner 23- 24. ashely young. 24. modric. 21. helmsik 21. aron leonnon 22. . can e come withmore young players.
    old players colud buy or not
    frank ribery 27 bullie woildnt have after what he did. david villa 27 perfect goal treat coast to much.
    thats about it old players there is.
    palyers we would be suprised. boby zomora
    darren bent
    hesky no thanks
    hangland who plays for fulham

  53. @ s7elace you never now nut i dont think so either but did here that garth bale might be coming to us i saw against chelseas last weakned he was outsnding imgaine evra left back bale left mid we would tare teams part. who would like to see coming in this summer

  54. Stretford End Arising on


    would you be happy with the signing of Bale? To be honest, cant see Redknapp letting Bale go.

    Yet again another Spurs player haha

  55. @ stretford end arising could it be minds ganmes again make bale nervous a head of the spurs ganme on saturday also i herd berbatov going to ac milan and huntlear coming to us

  56. ya agree taught berbatov played well when he canme on saturday agains city . if we scores saturdat that well could keep him for another season or puts good perfermance he always plays well agins spurs anyway so fingers crosse herd the reserves on there league this weak also what do you think of david moyes talking over fergie when he retires i think he be great choice

  57. ya think berbatov should stay give him one more season played well when he canme on saturday he always plays well against spurs so he should start i hope. saw ribery got send ofas they say what comes around goes back to haunt you he probaly miss the final no as well ha ha

  58. i have being impressed by cameroon stweart josh king johny evans bother. cameroon stweart reminds me of arron lenoon. i will be watching the resever ganme toinght online .

  59. ya i think he is good in around the box. but cant see fergie going for him. i think he said berbatov would be his last old player he buy fabion is 30 years of age. but would be a great sing as he is a proven goal score..

  60. being watching spainsh transfer update tv they say man city will make a bid for benzenma. you will see it probaly in your english papers 20morrow if wont get again it will be shanme to loose out i hate city realy hate thenm now

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