First Impressions of Javier Hernandez


Probably like most of you I eagerly awaited the game between England and Mexico. It was our first real opportunity to view Manchester United’s new signing Javier Hernandez. Would be fair to state I was fairly gutted on hearing team news to see Hernandez start the match on the substitute bench.

So what did we learn from Hernandez’s brief appearance?

Jamie Carragher offered a friendly Scouse welcome by throwing the young Mexican to the ground on a couple occasions. Hopefully this will give United’s new signing an indication of the physical demands required to play in Premier League.

Although a limited opportunity and the fact Mexico were starved of possession during the second half we were able to gather an impression of the type of striker Hernandez is:

Approximately a week ago, JSNFRMN_MUFC on the Stretford End Arising Forum described Hernandez as being similar to Michael Owen. Feel this is a fair shout. Hernandez likes to play on the shoulder of the last defender; he has good movement (always looking for space in between central defenders) and has pace to burn. We will have to wait on Hernandez’s finishing ability as he had no shots on goal.

Overall, I’m quite pleased. With Rooney and Berbatov feeding through balls, Hernandez could be a real asset.

What do you think?

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  1. Stretford End Arising on

    Interested in registering with the Stretford End Arising Forum?

    Here is the link:

    The forum is three months old, so looking for new members to join and discuss all things Manchester United. The community is really starting to grow.

    Will be appreciated if you register, thank you.

  2. javier did well considerin he had 3dfers on him at all times, they already worried by him and rightfully so- neat passes neva losin ball, looked make room to run and shown intent when flatten milner like a bull, how huddlestone not done 4 tossin lad 2 ground off ball was shockin and typical carragher shirt tuggin preventin lad challenging a cross…a nice 45min run out, showin glimps of what he can do.

  3. I agree about positioning.. Hernandez was playing centrally and although did not have many effective touches looked quite useful. Maybe you should have United player marking system blog so we can all mark United players in the World Cup.. winner gets a prize!! I will certainly be looking our for the likes of Zoran Tosic..and Hernandez..even well as England lads.. good luck to them all! Ian

  4. Stretford End Arising on

    @ Ian, Hello and Welcome

    Thank you for your sugestion. A World Cup section has recently been included in webiste (which I plan to work more on this week).

    I could a United watch for World Cup section or alternatively I could use forum? Which would people prefer?

  5. I’d rate him 2/5 at best. To be honest I was watching the game and never saw much from him for the kid to shout about. As noted by a few people, England defended very well in numbers in the second half, and he was starved for possession and room to move (credit should but won’t be given to the likes of King and Carragher, but they defended really well 2nd half).

    He showed determination and was always eager, lively, looking for the ball and only lost it due to good defending or the ball being intercepted rather than his own performance. Never had a proper cross to challenge for (other than the one vs Milner, and he aint scoring from there at 5 ft 7!!)

    With Valencia, Rooney and Nani next season he may well be United’s next Michael Owen. Patience is due with him just like all the kids at OT.

  6. TBH he didn’t look that great compared to ther young strikers at the club, the one shot he did have was woefully wide and he never really lit the game up. Remeber Michael Owen in 1998? The 2 aren’t even comparable. I can’t remeber the last young striker to come through at Old Trafford since Solksjaer? it’s not something Ferguson is very good at and I can’t see that it has changed with Hernandez. With the current financial situation we need much better quality coming through.

  7. Stretford End Arising on

    Perhaps a fairer assessment will come after several games. Hernandez is not the finished article but he has plenty of potential.

  8. @ Mike

    Give the lad a break, Mexico aren’t the equivalent to England in 1998. I’m sure the 1998 vintage of Michael Owen wouldn’t have looked great in that Mexico team last night. As for young strikers at Man U, how about our current young Italian or even Rossi or perhaps Rooney?

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