Berbatov a Flop? Part II


Let me say from the start I’m a big Berbatov fan, I feel he comes in for unwarranted criticism from the media and strangely our own (Tevez) fans. Berbatov is much more than a goalscorer, he controls games, he is the link man between midfield & attack and along with Paul Scholes is our most creative player.

People like to throw his price tag and work rate to rubbish Berbatov. Well both of those are wrong and unfair criticisms. Apparently Daniel Levy would not sell Berbatov for less than £30million, so the fee is what Manchester United had to pay. Prozone stats have proved the lack of work rate theory is also nonsense.

I first published “Berbatov a Flop?” article on the 8th February 2010 (full article here: Berbatov A Flop?). At the time Berbatov had scored 8 league goals in 21 appearances, which on first glance looks poor. However, if we look closer at the United man, he’s had less game time than other strikers in the league. If we look at goals per minutes on the pitch his goal record looks more favourable:

  • Rooney: 21 goals – a goal every 96 minutes.
  • Torres: 12 goals – a goal every 100 minutes.
  • Drogba: 15 goals – a goal every 103 minutes.
  • Defoe: 15 goals – a goal every 119 minutes.
  • Van Persie: 7 goals – a goal every 136 minutes.
  • Tevez: 12 goals – a goal every 148 minutes.
  • Bent: 14 goals – a goal every 152 minutes.
  • Berbatov: 8 goals – a goal every 155 minutes.
  • Adebayor: 8 goals – a goal every 162 minutes.
  • Anelka: 8 goals – a goal every 209 minutes.

Fast forward nearly two months and we’ll see an improvement in Berbatov’s record:

  • Torres: 18 goals – a goal every 91 minutes.
  • Rooney: 26 goals – a goal every 95 minutes.
  • Drogba: 24 goals – a goal every 96 minutes.
  • Tevez: 19 goals – a goal every 122 minutes.
  • Defoe: 17 goals – a goal every 124 minutes.
  • Berbatov: 12 goals – a goal every 139 minutes.
  • Bent: 20 goals – a goal every 143 minutes.
  • Adebayor: 9 goals – a goal every 184 minutes.
  • Anelka: 8 goals – a goal every 282 minutes.

Why doesn’t Anelka or Adebayor come in for the same criticism? Are they considered flops by the media?

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  1. well i am a massive berbatov fan as well. I thinl your right about the price tag. i think peole see us paying over 30 milllion for player. you must rembere united did not want to pay 30 million for him at end they had no chioce if you rembere at the time rooney was injerd ronaldo was out for a few months or so. fresier campbell palyed the firssr game of the season. then it came to transfer deadline daty they thad to pay 30 million for him as well as that city came for him. his goals scoring last year 9 goals in the league for goals in champions league and i think he was 2nd highet making goals this season his in the top ten goal scoring chart. with 12 goals and there more than ten games left i reckon he will score up to 17 goals i think so you right media should le of him and fans

  2. I wouldn’t call him a flop, just not a good buy

    Being honest, when Berbatov was bought, did we really expect him to sit on the bench in most of the European games and big games in general? Did we really expect us to be relieved if he managed 15 goals a season? Is 15 goals a season a good return for a 30 million player? The price tag thing is just something he has to live with. We wouldn’t sell Ronaldo to Real Madrid for less than 80 million and Inter wouldn’t sell ibrahimovic for less than whatever large sum Barcelona paid for him, AC Milan with Kaka etc but all those players have had to live with any criticism and pressure they have faced. Not once has anyone said ‘well they didn’t choose their price tag, it isn’t their fault’, so why is it different for Berbatov? Isn’t part of being a United player rising to huge challenges and coping with any sort of pressure?

    Talking of pressure, I notice he often (not all the time) goes missing when the team is drawing or losing and only perks up when the team are playing better and winning.

    Some striker the other day (can’t remember who) was saying forwards and strikers are judged on goals and he is right. It is just the way it is. I noticed Berbatov on MUTV the other day rudely saying to the presenter ‘why do you always ask me about goals. I prefer to assist’. Well he must be the only striker in the land that does then. Well sorry Dimitar but strikers are measured on goals. Or maybe he is just making excuses for himself because his goal record isn’t great for a striker.

    Btw, I lost all respect for Tevez the day he joined City and never rated him when he was here either.

  3. if you had a choice would you have kept tevez or berbatov who would you rather. i would rather berbatov cos tevez is a bit like rooney so we need differnt type of strikes and i believe thats why fergie got rid of tevez thats my opoinon. jiust having my dinner stake and chips and a glass of heinken getting a bit excited now cos were going to batter munich

  4. Jason Freeman on

    Tevez hardly never scored for us. The goals he scores for Shitty he wouldn’t score for us. He looks better round shit players. Berbatov is probably the same but he’s beginning to fit in. I really like Berba.

  5. agree with you we couldnt pay is wages berbatov is starting to shine now no that rooney could be out for two weaks . its no time for nim to step . i think your right tevez did scure shity goals all he did real was run a round.

  6. I must say Berbatov has grown on me.His awareness is extra-ordinary,his touches are exquisite not to mention his keeping possession and getting out of sticky situations if he’s boxed in by opposition.Although he gives Utd another dimension so to speak,I still feel he does not fit in with Utd’s format of attack which is blistering speed.In contrast to what I have mentioned,he is still a fantastic player(in my books)and as I percieve it he is an enigma and unpredictable to how he plays moment to moment which keeps the opposition guessing which [I think] is a good thing…?That is my 2 cents worth of analysis anyway.

  7. why do some of us united fans dwell on lies zll the time? berba will never be any body on the united squad. he hasnt anything the squad has ever lacked. perhaps, on any other team he may shine but not on united and fergies got it all wrong no matter what he says about the flop berba. lies dont get anyone any where and thats a true reflection of the teams trophy hunt this season. best berba could be converted to a sort of attacking mid fielder in the abscence of scholes and thats the only damage limitation on his matter, else, hes not at all the man.

  8. Berbatov is a flop period he came from Tottenham where he was the man and arrived at utd looking totally out of place he looks miserable never smiles hardly ever shoots and always sulks he hasn’t scored against any team in the top 7 this season. I think this sums him up.. he has great abilities but don’t believe he is a big game player

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