Lee Savery

As someone who has written fiction at university, and in my spare time, I am more used to writing character bio’s rather than one about myself. I should start by saying, I am Lee Savery and I have just graduated with a degree in Creative and Professional Writing & English at the University of Wolverhampton. If you haven’t guessed already, I do love to write.

There is so much to love about football. A football fan goes through every single emotion one can think of. I have been a Manchester United fan all of my life. To have been a fan during this successful period under Sir Alex Ferguson has been a great experience. The treble season will always be something I remember. Every now and again, I dig out the scrapbook of newspaper cuttings to remember such a wonderful May in 1999. Even now I still get goosebumps.

We’ve had some great players during this period but if I could select my favourite, there is only one name: Paul Scholes. I have so much respect for Scholes. He treats football as a job, like players from an era long before I was born. Even if he scores a hat-trick or one of his trademark strikes, you will never see him in the interview chair or on the front of some celebrity gossip magazine. His passing still astounds me as much as it astounds opposition defences.

If I could mention another player who gave me a lot of joy, it would be Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Our star during a period of transition and lack of success. A fantastic goalscorer. I am happy to say his autograph sits nicely in a frame in my bedroom.

Aside from football, I love to read. My current favourite series is the Millennium series with the final book, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest, being my favourite. In other obsessions, I have a love of Doctor Who, a well known addict of video games, a big listener of anything in the world of Indie music and an everlasting craving of Oreos.

I hope my articles are enjoyable and a good basis for discussion about the best club in the world

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