David Gee

A recent law graduate building a career in the legal sector but my true passion in life has always been sport. I love every aspect of sport, from the dedication and the hard work to the elation and despair. Sport is something that should be lived and breathed by every fan, from the roar of the Stretford End to the ‘Vamos!’ of Nadal and as a passionate sports fan I have always had an interest in expressing my thoughts and opinions for those kind enough to listen.

Whilst a number of sports stoke the fires within me, football serves as the immovable mainstay. I am a huge football fan in general terms and regularly watch any games that I can from around the world, but Manchester United Football Club will always be part of my life. I have been a United fan my entire life which for me has been fortunate enough to coincide with the Ferguson era. Until Moyes I knew nothing other than a Sir Alex Ferguson United and for that I am truly blessed.

One of my earliest and favourite United memories was sitting behind the goal at Selhurst Park against Wimbledon as a young lad and watching a ball drop from the sky into the net, it had of course left a young David Beckham’s foot. I remember vividly my father cursing his luck when I asked for a ‘Schmeichel’ goalkeeping top simply for the cost of the amount of letters, “why couldn’t you get David ‘May’?” he said.

I have many favourite United goals but the ones that spring to mind are three similar counter attack goals against Arsenal, one by Ronaldo, one by Rooney and the other from Park. Each goal started with United deep in their own half but ended in Arsenal’s net in the blink of an eye. All perfect demonstrations of the kind of potent and incisive counter attacking football that became a hallmark of what was an exciting side nurtured and developed in the United way, led by Ronaldo’s genius which went on to achieve greatness.

This United way is something that draws great pride for me and I have a strong belief that the club approaches football in the right way. I am eternally proud that United have fielded an academy product in every match day squad since October 30th 1937 until the present day, and long may that continue.

I spent a few years as a professional drummer before embarking on my law degree at Sussex University, in which I analysed in depth the legal impact of UEFA’s Financial Fairplay Regulations. The degree will prove both a help and a hinderance to my writing I’m sure. As a lawyer I have been educated to over-analyse everything to present a comprehensive picture and maintain a balanced view. This inevitably leads to a rather dense style of writing for which I can only apologise in advance. Suffice to say that a conscious effort is always made to make my articles as reader friendly as possible.

It is a great honour and I am truly thankful for everytime that the great people at Stretford End Arising deem my opinions interesting enough to be shared with the fans that mirror my passion for the club.

I hope those who are kind enough to spend time reading what I have to say find it enjoyable enough to return to what is a great site and I welcome any responses to my views. After all; football is all about opinions.

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