A Coach’s Analysis of Phil Jones


By Steve

As a Blackburn Rovers fan, I am gutted we are losing Phil Jones after such a short time, as a coach, I think he is making the right move, good club and great coaches and a real opportunity for the lad to push on to even greater heights, so here is my take on Phil Jones.

Manchester United’s current defensive partnership of Vidic and Ferdinand complement each other well, Ferdinand the footballer and Vidic the defender, Ferdinand is a footballer who defends and Vidic is a total defender who puts his body behind the ball and man all the time to defend the goal, Phil Jones is a defender, a total defender who has the ability to come out of defence with the ball with both power and not too little pace either, he is a defender who can play football, you are getting a great combination of both Ferdinand and Vidic.

With young players, you normally get inconsistency, it’s down to inexperience but with Jones this hasn’t happened and whilst he has made the odd mistake and playing in a struggling team, he has been one of the better players, week in week out whether playing in central defence or midfield.

Jones has great balance, can pass a football and has the ability to read the game well with great positional sense, he has good leadership qualities and for a 19 year old to give rollickings to much older and experienced players endorses that fact, he is level headed, has a wonderful attitude, determination and desire to be the best he can possibly be, he will view going to United as an opportunity to continue his football education and be even better.

He is a genuinely nice lad, trains well and in my opinion, will captain his country within a few years, he is that good, the only thing I don’t know is if he has a loss of form how he will react, I don’t know that because at Rovers, he really hasn’t had a bad run of form, the odd mistake yes, but he grits his teeth and doesn’t let the mistakes affect his game.

So I wish the lad all the best at Man United (except when they play Rovers) but you really have a top, top, player who will really surprise you with his ability both with and without the ball.

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  1. He is good boy but my worry is Ferguson!
    Fergie needs to read games as has been doing in the past but since 2009 he has been reading games so slow and it cost us at times!
    When I watched the wembley final, united didn’t need Chicharito and the 4-4-2 formation!
    So Jones will excell if Fergie stands up and light up his mind!

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