Power Shift in Manchester? Nah, I’m Feeling Good.


“Sun in the sky you know how I feel” Nina Simone sung…

The sun is shining in Manchester but this is no new dawn, this is no new day and this is no new life for me. There is no Power shift in Manchester even if Manchester City is victorious!

Yeah a bloody surprise, as I peer out of the window there is not a single cloud in the Manchester skyline, this isn’t the Manchester I know. The clear sky is more apt of Abu Dhabi the birth place of Manchester City’s owner Sheikh Mansour. Sheikh Mansour has transformed City overnight into a financial powerhouse bidding for the best players in the world. This of course has lead to the suggestions in the media a power shift in Manchester.

Does money equal success? Not necessarily. No denying richer clubs have the better opportunity of winning trophies. However, the structure of a club and the importance of a good manager cannot be underestimated. Manchester United have won the league for three consecutive seasons out-performing Chelsea and Abramovich’s piggy bank.

A power shift in Manchester? Nah, not now or any time in the near future. City need to win at least three league titles and a couple of cup competitions for the thought of a power shift to be even considered. Not on my watch as Fergie stated.

No question which team are in the better form. City are flying scoring 14 goals in their last three games lead of course by Carlos Tevez whilst we all know our recent failings in recent weeks. The City mates I’ve the displeasure of knowing ( 🙂 ) have been quite vocal this week, full of it in fact. I can’t remember a time when my City mates are more confident than I am going into a Manchester derby. Not good!

The return of Rooney is massive; he will give the team a massive boost of confidence. As always midfield is key, last week against Blackburn midfield we lacked energy and spark. I fully expect Fletcher to return in a three man midfield probably consisting of Gibson, Scholes and Fletcher. Gibson and Fletcher will offer the energy while Scholes will offer guile. Valencia and Nani will off support to Rooney from the wide positions.

Jonny Evans will take the place of Rio Ferdinand if Rio fails to recover from injury. No worries there, Evans is a top class defender and has been recently linked to Real Madrid and Barcelona. Evra should return to starting line up after a breather against Blackburn. Even after Rafael gave away a penalty against City in the Carling Cup tugging at Bellamy’s shirt, I’d prefer him to start ahead of Gary Neville as I’m petrified of Bellamy’s pace.

Interestingly due to volcanic ash from Iceland the originally appointed referee has been replaced by Martin Atkinson. Atkinson was the referee in the reverse fixture earlier this season which saw an additional six minutes which allowed Mickey Owen to score in injury to the dismay of Mark Hughes and City fans all around the world ( 🙂 )

We have to win – It’s now or never, anything less than a victory and the title is Chelsea’s.

Today, will it be us United fans feeling good? Let’s bloody hope so!

Score Prediction: 2-1 United

Danger man: Tevez

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  1. couldnt sleep last nite. i realy want this one i wonder the team heres my team
    van der sar
    rapheal vidc rio evra
    velencia flecther gibson carrick nani
    sanme thing as the muinch ganme i taught we played of the park in the first half only rapheal we would of one, but i think he should conme back in today hope fergie thinks the sanme going to have afew drinks now as well hope i be having more and more if we win spurs win as well it will be the best saturday ever come on beilve we can still win the title get the 4 in a row .

  2. Turn the telly up louder on

    Feeling good? Not as good as I am feeling. Just two points to make.
    1. One man team! How long do you think he will last today? (The lad needs at least 3 weeks to fully recover)
    2. United want Joe Cole and City want Joe Cole. City offer him £180,000 a week, United offer Joe Cole Maybe £90,000 a week, which club do you think Joe Cole will sign for?
    Tevez and Bellamy to score at least 3 goals between them.

  3. The Darwinist on

    Fair, balanced article. I am a passionate blue and am tingling with anticipation for this game. We cannot talk of a power shift until we start to win things and challenge for the premiership title consistently. What is beyond question though is that within the space of 12 months we have made giant strides to becoming a top club in terms of player acquisition, back-room staff, infrastructure, results and dare I say it…stability! Player for player I believe we are at least United’s equal, what we lack is the collective experience of being a top club and winning in major games consistently. City’s “project” is in its infancy but the evidence is there for all to see that we have made significant improvements in terms of points tally, quality of football and results against the top clubs. The inevitable investment in the summer will further strengthen our squad and make us serious contenders next season. Having overtaken one of the big 4 already, whose turn will it be next year? No shift in power yet, but I believe the red half of Manchester feel more uncertain about their continued dominance of Manchester football. Bring it on!

  4. i have being saying in the last few weaks we will win 3 nil or 2 so i going for a one nil win rooney will score and we will be defending for the rest of the match then maybe get the 2 goal on the break to win 2 nil so going for one nit but hope it will be 2 what do you thinkthe score be @ stretford end arising

  5. should be one up rooney great chance giggs should of scored he only half hit. nani for gibson second half i think we wont score till late on city are rubbish they are there from talking come on united plaese please score jiust this on time

  6. come on scholes fucking briltant i have being at the pub. when scholes scored we went fucking mental . we broke a few glass i dont care . i am stunned come on lets win this league come on spurs what did i say this would be the saturday everer only if spurs win. did you see fergie clebrations jiumping on top of phealn. scholes you ate a legend

  7. what day yesterday cant belive we still won i watch the goal this moring about 10 times already. does any one now is the liverpool and chelsea ganme on the sanme tinme as man united and sunderland. what a weakned thats gong to be. i herd this moring berbatov going to muninch buffon coming to united and vidc going the othe way hope not true also rooney set to sing a new contract e all must be suffuring from a hang over i am anyway had to much drink yesterday . but it was worth it hope they will be pently more hang overs befrore the season is over

  8. ming the merciless on

    says it all really, utd fans wetting themselves with disbelief that they actually beat city!
    dont worry lads you wont be wetting yourselves next season cos you wont have a chance against the mighty blues .
    not many utd fans wearing your scalves at city , just a couple of norwich fans! ha ha lovin it!

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