Stretford End Arising aims to be a friendly, productive and non-discriminatory place to discuss predominately Manchester United related issues and football topics in general. To achieve a friendly atmosphere rules are in place so that all members can enjoy their time on the forum.

Stretford End Arising aims to be a friendly, productive and non-discriminatory place to discuss predominately Manchester United related issues and football topics in general. To achieve a friendly atmosphere rules are in place so that all members can enjoy their time on the forum.

Promotion System
A promotion system has been introduced to help maintain healthy and quality discussions. We are prepared to miss out on one quality poster rather than have 10 useless members ruining the main forum for everyone. New members will initially only have posting permissions in the ‘New Members Only’ forum while the other forums are visible for you to read. The 'New Members' forum can be accessed by existing members, but is not visible for guests and unregistered users.

How to gain promotion?
Promotion can be earned with a minimum of 10 posts. Show yourself to be a sensible poster capable of holding knowledgeable discussions and you will gain access to the rest of the forum. The quality of your posts and nomination for promotion is determined by forum staff.

We hope that new members to the forum understand the reasons for this action.

Link to New Members Forum:

Healthy discussion is welcomed however, treat other members as you would like them to treat you. This includes no flaming, insulting or belittling of other members.

Inappropriate language or images
Avoid vulgar, racist, homophobic and sexist comments, as well as swearing. Stretford End Arsing implements a swear filter which should prevent words/phrases considered too offensive appearing on the forum. Deliberately trying to avoid the language filter (via any method) is considered a breach of the rules. Swearing directly at members and forum staff is not permitted.

Do not post pornographic, violent, gory, or otherwise offensive graphics or links.

Inappropriate usernames are not allowed.

Please use English language only. No text talk.

Posts in a thread should not deviate from the original topic. For a new discussion, make a separate thread. Before creating a new thread please use the search function to see if the topic you wish to raise hasn’t already been discussed in an existing thread.

Please keep all tweets in the designated twitter threads located in the Manchester United and Transfer Rumour Mill forums.

Do not post complete articles or images you do not own copyright. Quote approximately 1-4 lines and provide a link from the original webpage. When posting images, use, etc and link the image from the respective image hosting site to the forum.

Keep Things Legal
Any discussions, links, or information on hacking, cracking, serial numbers, pirating, or any other illegal matters are not allowed.

Please refrain from posting links to other Manchester United websites. I work extremely hard to promote Stretford End Arising and do not want the forum to become an advertising place for other United sites. Forum members should be capable of raising or generating similar discussion points.

No Spamming
Spamming is a broad term. Spamming includes unauthorized advertising, unproductive and useless posting, post-padding, empty posts, referral and associate links, etc.

Football Streams

This is important as authorities are cracking down on websites.

The following activities relate to video streams.

You cannot do the following on our forums:

• Request an online stream for a live match.
• Post a stream for a live match.
• Mention that you have a stream for a live match – this may seem harsh, but you will attract PMs from those who want streams.
• Ask for, or offering, PMs or emails containing streams for live matches.
• Link to places where you can find streams of live matches.
• Hack freeview codes, or links to places where you can find them.
• Link to places where you can find torrents of recorded matches.
• Link to places where you pay subscriptions for hacked streams.

The only talk of streaming matches should be for official pay services.

The relevant TV companies, clubs and associations are monitoring this very closely and legal action is being taken against sites who allow these links to be posted.


Personal Information
Do not post personal information about yourself, this Includes: email addresses, telephone numbers or home address. This is for your own protection.

Report a Post
The forum has a post reporting function. It allows members the opportunity to notify moderators about inappropriate material on the forum. Please do not misuse this function over trivial issues.

Trade of physical goods, tickets and memberships on the forum
Whist its great some of you wish to help other members on the forum please bear in mind at all times that you do not know who these people are. Any trade of any kind is taken at your own risk.

We all build some great friendships when chatting about United and it’s easy to misunderstand or misinterpret what has been said, which could lead to conflict.

The Forum, Administrators or Moderators do not take responsibility over any personal trades.

Multiple Accounts
Creating multiple forum accounts is not allowed and will result in the second account being banned and possibly your first account being banned as well. Only one account per person is allowed on the forum.

When the rules are breached, the moderators and administrators may send warnings, remove privileges, or choose to ban a user immediately, depending on the severity. Ignored warnings and continued offenses will result in banning.

The administrators and moderators reserve the right at all times to edit or remove any posts, images, and custom titles.