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Thread: Worried Turkey's Diaries

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Well the 58/59 season was upon us in no time,last season we had used 31 different players(as expected seeing as what had happened),we finished last season with a semi-final of the European cup with a team of, Gregg,foulkes,greaves,Goodwin,cope,crowther,Morgan s,Taylor(ernie),Webster,viollet and Pearson,for the first game of the 58/59 season was against Chelsea and the team that day was Gregg,foulkes,greaves,Goodwin,cope,mcguinness,Daws on,E Taylor,viollet,Charlton and scanlon.so the core of the team was similar to what finished last season(but greatly changed from the side which started last season)this would also be the season where we scored 103 goals and equalled our record we had set in the 56/57 season,we would also break the record again when we payed £45,000 for Albert quixall,it was a great start to the season when we beat Chelsea 5-2 at old trafford with bobby Charlton getting a hat trick and Dawson getting the other 2,but to be honest Dawson should have had half a dozen,he absolutely terrified the hell out of the Chelsea defence,though you could understand why when he turned round he had one of those faces that only a mother could love,first time i saw him at the players entrance he had a cauliflower ear,his nose i don't think had any bone in it,it was flat and rubbery but what a man he would work all day ,he was a human battering ram but he was a crafty sod i don't remember how many goals he scored with his fist,(it was a few)he used to go go up for a ball with his fist at the side of his head so that if he missed with his head he'd tap it in with his fist.
    Matt Busby returned to work and was impressed by warren Bradley.after Munich we needed to get players quick and Bradley was one that we loaned from bishop Auckland, He was signed as a part-time professional in November 1958, taking a job as a teacher in Stretford, and made his first-team debut for United against his old club, Bolton Wanderers,who he had played for there A and B sides. In May 1959, Bradley was selected by England manager Walter Winterbottom, and became the first and only player to play for both the professional and amateur England teams in the same season.
    warren played 63 games for united and scored 20 goals,he was sold to bury in 62.
    Joe Carolan started his career with Home Farm at youth level before moving to Manchester United on 15 February 1956, where he featured in their FA Youth Cup winning team. On 22 November 1958, Carolan made his senior debut against Luton Town.
    He played 71 times for United between 1958 and 1960 and won two caps for the Republic of Ireland making his debut on the 1 November 1959.
    These were just some of the people we turned to while we re-built, players that you never hear of and nobody mentions but believe me they were as much a part of united's history as anybody and deservedly so,i am going to do little pieces on players that you most probably never heard of but who have done there bit,just like reg hunter(you remember reg,right winger, welsh,made his debut against Aston villa,now do you remember eh, no surely you remember reg,united beat villa 2-0 December 1958,he played on the right wing with quixall his inside forward,now do you remember...no,well i hope reg does he never played for the first team again).....

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Well having played two away games forest(3-0)and Blackpool(1-2)we had forest back at o.t(its strange how quick games used to come round)the season started on Aug 23 it was only 3rd of Sept and this would be our fourth game(we also had a game to come on Saturday as well)(Blackburn at home)no wonder i went to bed with my scarf and bob hat on you didn 't really have time to take em off even if you wanted to,so anyway first night game of the season(i love those night games walking up Warwick road and looking at the floodlights,4 massive pylons in the night sky throwing off a tremendous amount of light and all the smoke drifting up from the the thousands of fags being smoked....brill.anyway back to business as i said united had beaten forest 3-0 bobby had scored another 2 so he already had 5 in the onion bag,we were going to murder em...unc picked me up and nipped in the pub for a quickly,(this dandelion and burdock will be the death of me drinking this quick)bus,train we were on our way,when we'd gone to the opening game against Chelsea the atmosphere was one of trepidation and uncertainty but its strange how little things change your perspective,when Sir Matt walked(limped)out of the tunnel the crowd at first(just for a split second)were quite but then an almighty roar went up the great man was back where he belonged.
    well tonight we were getting back to norm,got me scarf had me pint and was walking up Warwick road with thousands of united fans all wishing for a good season but not expecting too much because the re-building starts now.Into the game (still no box for me)teams announced and of we go,was this the same side who we'd taken too the cleaners last week,forest played some good attacking football,we just couldn't keep the ball,half time came and Matt had his say you could tell an'all (what is it with these Scottish managers)they played far better in the second half and that man again (bobby Charlton)scored with a goal from just on the edge of the box with his left peg that pulled it back to 1-1 and that's how it remained ,how i don't know,so that was that, so the first four games we'd W2 D1 L1 and a game coming up Saturday .........ready and willing bring em on...

    DID YOU KNOW.......Peter Schmeichel was asked by the BBC to select the top 5 goals scored during the month of March 2005 for M.O.T.D. monthly competition.It was the first time in the history of M.O.T.D. that no viewers matched the 1st,2nd,3rd selections
    (what do goalkeepers know....lol)

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Well Saturday came round quick today we have Blackburn at home,it's slowly all coming back together,up early,washed "don't forget to wash behind your ears" was the shout from downstairs(don't be silly my bob hat gets in the way..tut).quick kick around with a tennis ball in the street(just enough time to win the European cup,league and fa cup(i scored all the winners...sigh))and then off to unc's,i started getting fidgety and clock watching(well it was 10 o'clock)where is he...in he strolls not a care in the world,quick wink and off he goes to get ready.there's a knock on the door and seconds later in walks smidge,unc's friend a mad red,how he gets to games i don't know he never has any money,unc comes down and off we go.Pub first stop to meet up with unc's mates,smidge goes off borrowing as soon as we get there,I'd never met smidge before so it was an art watching him,he came back with 30 bob(£1-50)enough to get there,into the game back and have a couple of pints after...amazing.Then over comes daft David(not really daft but ultra slow)and he offers smidge 5 shillings(25p),i then could not for the life of me believe what i then saw and heard...Smidge had asked David for 10 bob(50 p)earlier but said only give me 5 bob of it,so David came over to give him the other 5 bob before Smidge went to the game that's when Smidge came out with a classic "David you still owe me 5bob right?""yes"said Dave.."well seeing as you owe me 5 bob,and i owe you 5 bob we'll call it quits"Dave being a bit slow was trying to think about this and couldn't fathom it out,Smidge had him tied up in knots and then calmly said"drink up lets go"so off we went leaving David stood there scratching his head not able to work out why he was 5 bob lighter.
    Walking down Warwick road all the lads had ago at Smidge but to no avail,as far as he was concerned the 5 bob was his now,anyway into the stretford end,teams noted and out come the mighty reds to a cheer that sent tingles down my spine,Sir Matt was back we were in good hands,kick off and did we play well,Bobby kept up his good run by bagging a brace(2) that means he'd got 7 up to now,Viollet got a couple also and Scanlon and Webster rounded it off we'd won 6-1,it was some of the best football seen for a while,the goals seem to be coming from every angle and some of the passing was a joy to watch,there was a crowd of just over 65,000 and every one rose too a man at the final whistle(hard as we were nearly all standing anyway....but you know what i mean)and gave the team a great ovation as they went down the tunnel.......the team that day was Gregg,Foulkes,Greaves,Goodwin,Cope,Mcguiness,Webst er,Taylor,Viollet,Charlton and Scanlon.
    On the way home everybody got sick of me all i could say was "did you see Bobby's first goal.blah blah...did you see Bobby's second goal .blah blah......did you see Viollets first goal.blah blah....did you see." "SHUT UP...we were there as well"...so out came my little book in went the teams ,the scorers and the crowd ...anyway we got back to grans and i was telling grandad all about the game...and you should have seen Bobby's first goal.blah blah.....and you should have seen Bobby's second goal.blah blah...and you should have seen Viollets first goal.blah blah...unc by then had his hands over his ears and told gran to hurry with tea so he could get me home...hahaha..anyway time to go unc said he'd drop me off and go for a few pints,we'd just got out the door and who should be walking past but Smidge with a right shiner and a bloody nose..Davids brother tiny(who was anything but)had belted him for what he'd done to David at dinner time,but Smidge being Smidge said"he still didn't get the 5bob though"and with that he bent down and took 2 half crowns(5 bob)out of his sock,he then turned to unc and said "come on lets go for a pint..........."Red ..yes........Mad...definitely...............

    During his career,Ruud Van Nistelrooy had been leading scorer in three different european leagues,collected league championship winners medals with these three clubs,but has not won a medal in european competitions at club or international level

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Well the season had got off to a good start,6-1 against Blackburn had got the juices flowing,we were brought down to earth with the next 2 matches,a 3-2 defeat at West Ham and a 1-1 draw at Newcastle the next home game was a wednesday night again against West Ham,time for revenge,walking up Warwick road and seeing the floodlights brought tingles down the spine,could there be anything better than a night match at old trafford i thought not(not till Benfica,much later),everything as norm..programme...position in ground..players noted....then out came the reds.....we wanted revenge for the game at West Ham and boy did we get it .....4-1 we won that night it could have been 10.....one goal that stuck in my mind was albert Scanlons..Gregg made a really good save save and threw the ball out to Cope he switched it over to Foulkes,he in turn passed to Charlton who with the deftest of touches found Dawson and unlike him instead of going for goal played it across to Taylor and with one of the best dummy's iv'e ever seen let it run to Scanlon who hit it from just outside the box into the bottom corner with the keeper well beaten..............WHAT A GOAL...to make matters funnier it was Dawson who picked the ball up and placed it on the centre spot..therefore no West Ham player had touched it till they kicked off again........MAGIC...was this was a sign off the times too come.......sadly not for a few years...........but i could wait

    a few people have been in touch one way and another and asked me to elaborate on Duncan Edwards and Sir matt Busby.............Sir Matt will come later but here goes

    My opinion and qoutes from others
    In the past many United fans have been asked "who is the greatest player ever to don a United shirt..........it's always been the same Eric Cantona...Bobby Charlton...George Best....Dennis(the menace)Law....i suppose nowadys Ronaldo and Rooney,but to many who know Uniteds history and were lucky enough(thanks dad that's all you ever did for me)too see him play it was the great man Duncan Edwards......Jimmy Murphy said it best when he said"Muhammad Ali used to to tell the world he was the greatest because i used to smile because the greatest ever was an english footballer called Duncan Edwards"
    Duncan made his Manchester United debut at 16 yrs 185 days the youngest ever in the first division at that time.He made his international debut against Scotland in a 7-2 thrashing at Wembley on the 2nd of April 1955 he was 18 yrs and 183 days old again at the time the youngest player in the 20th century(until Owen in 1998)
    Duncan was first spotted playing for Dudley boys his local team and even though one or two scouts had seen him Uniteds Jimmy Murphy and Sir Matt decided to act fast.Duncan signed for United as an amatuer in June 1952.He was already a big lad in fact he was head and shoulders over most his age,Duncan had everything he had power(god help anybody who got in his way),he had grace on the ball(think of eric...eric and another eric you had Dunc),i have never seen anybody with as much composure as Dunc,his ability too pass a ball was something else.....it was once said that his accuracy with a ball would make an olympic archer shake their head in disbelief(i saw it i know ......it's true) and he had a presence that belied belief even seasoned internationals looked up to the man............in other words Duncan had it all..............(tales from a biased man...........i think not......ask your dads and grandads).
    Duncan could also score goals,from what is nowadays classed as an holding midfielder(we were not behind the doors even in them days)he scored 21 forUnited and had already got 5 for England,but one thing about Duncan was that he never forgot the fans,he would gladly stand outsice the players entrance and sign (or talk)autographs till (and i'd seen it)Sir Matt came and dragged him away.He was a gentleman
    Speaking in July 2001 Sir Bobby Charlton said"Duncan Edwards is the one person who even today,i reaaly felt inferior too,i have never known anybody so gifted and strong and so powerful with a presence second too none" ............from a United legend...to a god.
    What United and England would have gone on to is anybody's guess if this man and his fellow team mates had lived.
    The final words surely belong to the great man himself............Sir Matt and Jimmy Murphy didn't need much persuasion to get Duncan to sign,in Sir Matts autobiography Sir Matt recalls Duncan saying"I think Manchester United is the greatest team in the world.I'd give anything to play for you"...............Dunc being true to his word did .....his life!!
    For seeing Dunc i will be eternally grateful............too me he was the MAN.

    4 famous United players can be fond in Roy of the Rovers comic strip hall of fame....
    Duncan Edwards..Bobby Charlton..George Best...Denis Law

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    WOW! This is like sitting in front of the fireplace listening to your animated kinsman tell stories while you go :o & ! Great memories Wild Turkey! I'm only half way through the thread but so far this is better than any soccer memoir this yank has ever read. Put your stories 2 print & this book would buy it. Until then keep it coming.

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Thank you very much deviledspam i hope you have found it interesting enough to have reached this page...

    well as i said in the last notes we played really well against west ham , then suddenly it was as though somebody pulled the plug on us .we went the next 7 games without winning,we drew 3 and lost 4,we were going down the league quicker than a broken lift shaft.we got back to winning ways against Leeds away on November the 1st but it was a false dawn as we lost at home to burnley a week later 3-1,I'd never gone through a spell as bad as this,was it ever going to end........it's got to be against Bolton away next week...was it,no way i went to burden park where we were well beaten 6-3...aaaaaaagggggggghhh,we weren't that bad but nothing seems to be going right,well next week...we had luton at home , how i remember this game for more than one reason...we had been through this bad spell and we had to start winning soon we were languishing in the bottom half of the table but we were a better side than that.

    Nov 22nd luton home
    the day started like every one I've mentioned up to now,up washed(took bob hat off and combed hair)and dressed,down to unc's and off too pub(hid in corner behind a chair so the landlord didn't see me)smidge sneaked me half of bitter,unc went absolutely ape shit when he found out (but hadn't i grown up since starting to go to my beloved old trafford,I'd soon be going on my own then i would show 'em who was a big man!)something was slightly different today though,there was whispering and sly looks coming my way...little did i know...
    on the way to the game on the train,it was mentioned that we weren't going into the stretford end(first time since I'd started going)"but why unc".....according to him ,smidge and bazza...."because we're meeting my mate and a friend in the stretford end paddock...."was the reply.when we got there it didn't seem right deserting the stretford end but unc said.....in the paddock we met unc's friend and guess what..he had this girl with him(my age..you know the sort,pigtails..national health glasses(patch over one side(weak eye they used to say)) braces on her teeth..the full Monty)smidge kept winking at me..well I'm telling you did i want to be in my beloved stretford end..did i.all up to kick off they kept pushing us nearer,but help came in the form of the teams running out,all noted down.now i could forget the monster and watch the game..united were off and running and started to play better than they had for sometime but because of a lack of belief they still weren't fully on there game.it was good end to end stuff and then united took the lead, bobby Charlton struck one from about the penalty spot region just into the bottom corner,up i went scarf whirling round,i looked round and the monster from hell was copying everything i did,it was embarrassing...every time i jumped up so would she,everything i shouted would be relayed that split second later...united went on to win the game 2-1(viollet scored the other with a deft flick of the head from a free kick)could i get out of the ground quick enough damn right i couldn't"see you in two weeks(Leicester at home)shouted unc's friend...i looked at unc with one of those hound dog looks(please,please say we're going back in the stretford end)..."i'll bring my niece again she really enjoyed it"...don't you dare unc..don't say anything.
    all the way home all i got was "wasn't she nice...".."your OK there..."..blah blah blah.i was feeling really mad,i want too watch united not have some gooey eyed(one)girl hanging round,after all wasn't this supposed too be a lads day out(how times have changed,in those days it was a very small percentage of the crowd that was female,nowadays its really a large amount(it cannot all be because of shorts(sorry girls just a little joke)).anyway only time would tell where we went against Leicester..........and for once i could wait for my next game.

    David Meek was the united correspondent for the Manchester evening news from 5th of March 1958 until he retired in January 1995,his first article for the united review was penned under "united jottings" for the f.a. cup 6th round replay against W.B.A.....united won 1-0.

    p.s bought my first single (record)today 'it's all in the game' by Tommy Edwards(sad ain't i)

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Sir Matt Busby brought together some of the best talent to have played for Manchester United in one team ,that team was so brutally devastated in 1958 by the Munich air disaster,that team bragged and boasted of the likes of the great man Duncan 'boomboom'Edwards,TommyTaylor,Eddie 'snakehips'coleman,liam 'billy' whelan,Bill 'cowboy' Foulkes,Roger Byrne,David Pegg,harry greg somebody called charlton i recall could play a bit, but the one man i want to write about was i think vastly underrated by all but Sir Matt himself, was Dennis Viollet.

    DENNIS VIOLLET....Sept 20th 1933-March 6th 1999..born Manchester

    After captaining Manchester schoolboys - and also playing regularly for his country at that stage - he joined Manchester United as an amateur in 1949, turning professional a year later and making his first-team debut in 1952/53.He is generally considered as one of the most underrated strikers of all time.

    Dennis held his own against white-hot competition as Busby's youthful revolution gathered exhilarating momentum and he won a regular place during 1953/54. Settling brilliantly at inside-left and contributing at least 20 senior goals per season, As United blazed a trail into Europe, his pedigree shone through even more.

    Viollet was a big part of the two championships that were won by United in 1956 and 1957. Dennis scored 178 goals in 291 games for United. He was a lightning quick player, who combined well with Taylor's height to form a terrific strike force. After the Munich air disaster, Viollet proved his worth by scoring 32 goals in 36 games in 1960, a club record. It was during this season and the one following it that he received his two caps for England, in a defeat against Hungary and a victory over Luxembourg, in which he scored one goal.

    Dennis did not have the looks or image to be a goalscoring hero , he was so slim even scrawny that too look at him you would have thought that the big defenders(and dirty bast*rds in them days)would have no trouble with the little runt,but let me tell you the man was a diamond,him and Taylor played together and Dennis was the perfect foil for Tommy,but even in his own right he was a marksman and half(nobody has scored more in a single season than Dennis,that includes Law.Cantona,Ruud and rooney(so he couldn't have been bad))

    Dennis had ball control that was out of this world,and an acceleration that was second to none(with the ball at his feet under control.not pushed and ran after) Arguably he was at his most effective when working in tandem with Taylor, Big Tommy was majestic in the air while his less conspicuous but formidably lethal partner was a steel dart at ground level. During the mid-1950s when the Babes were sweeping all before them, the duo struck up a seemingly telepathic understanding, creating space for each other by their imaginative movement and registering a river of goals that showed no signs of drying up,Yet, while Taylor was rewarded by frequent international recognition, the equally if contrastingly talented Viollet had to wait until two years after the crash before winning the first of only two England caps, a circumstance rendered all the more mysterious by the nature of some of his rivals who really weren't fit to lace Viollet's boots
    Dennis was sitting at side of Bobby Charlton at the time of the Munich air crash and was thrown clear and survived,Dennis had head injuries and didn't play again till a few games before the cup final and even though he played in the final he didn't really do himself justice,i remember reading some years later how he walked out at wembley kicked off and then it hit him,the people who could and should have been playing that day that didn't and how it just drained him in one go.
    However,fears that viollet might be diminished as a performer in the long term were knocked on the head during 58/59 when,he was put into Taylor's old role as centre forward,he was brilliant as the depleted Reds mystified everybody by finishing 1st divisions runner ups.The next season saw Dennis at his best with 32 goals in 36 matches,everybody then thought he would go for ever and be vital to Sir Matt and his team-rebuilding,but for some unknown reason Sir Matt thought otherwise(Sir Matt brought in Herd from Arsenal and later Law from TorinDennis had scored 178 goals in 291 games and being only 28 it's not as though he was over the hill but he was sold to Stoke for £25,000 in January 1962.
    Dennis was one of the best strikers i have seen at O.T,that does not mean he would have made today's teams or the 90's side or the 80's side etc,only because i don't believe that a lot of players could have jumped forward in time,each generation has had there good and great players but that was in there time just like i believe that none of this side could have dealt with the 50's,(opinions don't you just love 'em)but Dennis would have come close,even Sir Matt remarked that he was possibly hasty in selling Dennis too early......and you cannot get higher praise than that from the great man......god was i a lucky b*st*rd to have seen all this talent.....you bet!!!

    Despite being involved in the Munich air disaster.Bill Foulkes played in all United's 42 league games of the 57-58 season,and Dennis Viollet was the only other to play in the first and last league games of that season.

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    This is definitely my favorite thread. This is great incite for fans abroad that never experienced what it's like 2 grow up w/ ManUtd. I wanna download these stories 2 my kindle.

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Well the Leicester game had come round,the week before we'd played Birmingham away and was very impressive in a 4-0 win,Charlton with 2,Bradley(who made his debut against Bolton away when we lost 3-6) and the wizard scanlon got his customary goal.Anyway i was up and slowly getting dressed,thoughts were rushing through my head,we have got to go into the stretford end today please unc,i don't want to go through the last match again,unc's friend had brought his niece and she made my day a nightmare(who wants a soppy girl hanging round when your watching your heroes(very off putting)and so embarrassing)anyway i was awaiting the decision as to"do we go to the stretford end,or do we go to the paddock with soppy get(and his niece)".It was with leaden legs that i went to unc's and would he say........no way,I'm sure he did it on purpose just to watch me squirm,well off we went ,usual routine hide behind one of the chairs in the pub(it was bloody freezing outside,well it was December 6Th)what made it worse was Smidge and Bazza just kept looking at me and winking and giving me the thumbs up,this was sheer torture!!!one day ....just one day I'll get my own back,mark my words!....After the lads had had a few pints it was time to go,(Mrs German who always had a head scarf on with rollers underneath had given me a drink of mackeson(full glass really)i was now ready to take on the world...not bothered how cold it was ,i was ready.
    On the train a few wise cracks were coming out from Bazza and Smidge but i didn't care(must get some of this mackeson for next time....yipppeee(that's just how i felt))...down Warwick road with a bravado....then we stood at the corner of the paddock and the stretford end.....left for the end ....right for the paddock.........i had fingers ,toes , legs , everything crossed...."please ..please go left" then unc went right...my heart sunk...no no no!..he tapped someone on the shoulder asked for a light then said "come on stretford end it is..." my hero i knew he wouldn't let me down...he looked at me and give the biggest wink I'd ever seen...
    Again usual routine ..me programme in hand teams noted off down to just behind the right hand post,then you knew the teams were coming out a)the noise was deafening and b)as a kid you couldn't see a bloody thing cos everybody had swayed forward and you had your face buried in the back of some one's coat in front of you,magic!...mind you the attendance that day was only just under 38,500 , but the end was fullish as always...kicked off and united were purring,they carried on where they left off against the brum, Bradley scored early from a crowded penalty area he met one just right,not long after Charlton got on the score sheet(he was now starting to become a really good player,and since Munich it was as though he had decided to lead by example,bobby had also started to lose his hair at an alarming rate(all put down to the shock of Munich)and was looking older than his tender years,but a greater servant united could not have wished to have had,and still to this day serves united well with decorum and true united dignity....and for that i salute you...sorry got off the track a bit...well united carried on playing football that only united can play...one minute exhilarating..next minute frustrating..........(ring a bell) nothings changed..anyway scanlon again popped up from nowhere to add a third and Dennis viollet finished to make it 4-1...what a game we were back on a roll..
    Sugar our next home game wasn't till Dec 26th when we would play Aston Villa(we also played them on the 27th away) ..oh well i suppose I'd have to wait........the mackeson was wearing off now and i felt as though i had a mouth full of frog spawn...no more drinking for me.......(how many times have we heard and said that over the years.....lol)...what a day...united had won...been slightly tipsy...been in my favourite end....and no flaming girls....magic

    Bobby Charlton played his 75th consecutive FA cup tie in utd's 1-0 defeat at Wolves in the 3rd rd on 13th January 1973,his last one for utd,but he played 4 more for Preston North End

    My next record bought.....It's only make believe...by Conway Twitty...............real,real sad....honest it sounded great ...then!!!

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    No it didn't, actually have this and a bit more of Dunc..pity the technology wasn't around then to do him and united justice

    The busby babes were the greatest,the best I've ever seen
    I know they're just the ramblings of some boyhood dream
    but believe me this was not just an ordinary team.
    Duncan was the greatest the greatest of them all
    he had a poise,a presence, and o what skill upon the ball.
    i know there's van the man and schmeics before, and Alex stepney who passed the test
    but one man stood out even more that's harry Gregg to me he was the best
    when shoulder charges were the norm,and keepers could be done
    Harry used to leave forwards lying in a heap....'oh what fun'.....
    there was Roger Byrne who every game covered every blade of grass
    and big Mark Jones who never let anyone pass
    then there was Tommy Taylor the best header of a ball you'll ever see
    to watch him was worth every bit of your entrance fee.
    don't forget Peggy with his mesmerizing run and pass
    and little 'Billy Whelan' who before every game went to mass.
    178 times Dennis Viollet hit the back of the net, leaving defenders pulling out there hair
    Dennis was like the scarlet pimpernel....they seek him here...they seek him there...
    Jackie 'Twiggy' Blanchflower started as a forward but could play anywhere..
    Sir Matt made him into a centre half because he was so good in the air.
    let's not forget Eddie 'snake-hips' Coleman , a Salford lad born and bred
    for one so young he was so mature and was always three moves in front in his head...
    then there was the 'rock' big Bill Foulkes who used to stand and stare
    then 5 minutes later let the forward know he was there.......
    we had kids waiting to get into the side
    the 'Brennan's,Pearson's,Charlton......just one massive red tide...
    these are the thoughts of a child that was in awe....................

    Bryon Robson is the longest serving captain in uniteds history (82-94)

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Friday December
    Playing in the front room(parlour)when in came unc, "iI'm going to treat you for your birthday by taking you to Preston tomorrow ",(Preston v united away).....great...but would dad let me go,he'd said he had a surprise for me and he wasn't home from work yet,it was 7 o'clock (unc hadn't been home from work yet either,he must have been tired 'cos he was swaying from side to side).....just then dad came in "guess what i've got...no...well i'll tell you...tickets for the city match tomorrow....i'll take you to see a proper team....".........Do i look like i need a lobotomy...Do i walk round with glazed eyes pumped full of drugs...if fact Do i look that f*ck*ng stupid.....(all thoughts that were running through my head at the time)...."But dad i'm going to Preston unc's taking me.....Mum said it was ok....(hound dog eyes and bottom lip quivering)didn't you mum.....(i had put her right in it.......but desperation calls for desperate ways)...................."well i did say he MIGHT be able to go"....then the arguments started,i went back into the front room and sat and waited.....my fingers were numb i'd crossed them that tight......then the door opened...mum was stood there.....face like thunder...."get your coat ,scarf and bob hat (she's losing it i had my bob hat on....don't i always)i'll put some p'j s in a bag your staying with unc tonight because your going to Preston early in the morn".................YES,,,,,,,,,,,UNITED 1 city 0..........the look on dad's face when i was going out was one i just couldn't describe......but it wasn't nice....but what the hell that would come later i was off to Preston.................i couldn't help but think though................................how the hell would i have got out going to Maine road....he knew the spots on the face routine..the high temperature (hot water bottle)....there was nowt for it.............i'd have had to cut my leg off!!!!!.................."You better get to bed unc ...that's the third time you've bumped into me...you must be really tired!!.....and whats that smell every time you speak...just couldn't put my finger on it....ah well ,got round to grans , she didn't half rip into unc.."what time do you call this....blah tea been ready blah blah blah"........and who got the blame yes me unc was waiting for me blah blah.........time for bed, scarf on, ,bob hat on all ready for morning ...........Come On You Reds.........

    When Simon Charlton scored for Southampton at O.T on 10th May 1995 it was the first and only time that peter schmeichel conceded a premier league goal that season at O.T
    United conceded only 4 goals at home in there 19 games,Gary Walsh conceded the other 3(2 against forest and 1 against Leicester

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Quote Originally Posted by worriedturkey
    I'll see you again my Red Devil friends
    I'll hear you around my door
    Touching my life like so many memories before
    I was a child and so easily led
    You were the leaders of men
    Now I doubt in my life if this ever happens again
    Oh, how I cried when my mama said
    Busby's Babes, son, they're dead
    Oh how I remember that miserable day
    When something was taken from me
    Out on a snow covered runway in West Germany
    Oh, how I cried when my mama said
    Busby's Babes, son, they're dead
    (Iain Matthews, from the album "Pure & Crooked")

    sorry i just had to have another word ............................but this sums it up better than i ever could..........
    I'm already fragile from 2days performance & this finally got the tears flowing and stress relieved. Still loving your incite WT, don't stop babe.

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    WT got another player I'd like 2 hear about. Stuart Pearson helping us back from relegation. Just a suggestion

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    GEORGE BEST 22nd MAY 1946-25TH NOVEMBER 2005

    What can you say about George that hasn't already been written........,absolutely nothing.
    Except maybe the telegram that scout Bob Bishop sent to Sir Matt Busby which read "I think I've found you a genius." George was 15 at the time.
    he was the greatest player with a ball at his feet that i have ever seen,i know...i know...Pele,Maradonna,Cruyf....keep them ..give me Besty.The most likeable rogue (i say that with no disrespect)you could ever wish to meet.I was lucky enough to meet George on a few occassions and believe me the pleasure was all mine.i watched him play for united,Dunstable,Stockport County,Fulham and Hibernian.i didn,t see him at the countless other clubs he played for ie bournemouth ,Cork,L A Aztecs,Fort Lauredale,San Jose Earthquakes,Hong Kong Rangers,Brisbane Lions and a few others.I'd been the lucky one i'd seen Besty (with 20,000 others)playing for the youth side,when we were wondering whether he was a flash in the pan,or'wait till the big boys get at him,he wont know whats hit him'....well it was the other way round...a lot of defenders wished he'd only been a flash in the pan.
    George made his debut for United in September of 63 against West Brom and i for one couldn't believe what was witnessed that day....he did nothing for a good 25-30 minutes,he was stuck out on the left wing kicking his heels like a kid in an hovis advert when suddenly the ball was at his feet and in one motion he'd turned beaten the full back and was gone..the full back was left to gaze in the wrong direction with this little will o' the wisp gone and he crossed a peach of a ball to chissy(Chisnall) who managed with the greatest of difficulty to put it wide....His second appearance came on 28 December against Burnley. This First Division match saw Best's first goal for United in a 5–1 win. Matt Busby used Best much more after the New Year and by the end of the season, Best had made 26 appearances, scoring six goals.

    George was slight of frame,big of heart and with so much ability it was untrue,he had a smile and a grin that made it he could get away with anything,and he used it to the max!
    I saw George play the greatest game i have ever seen by an individual in the memory of man that was March the 9th 1966 , we played the great Benfica away we'd beaten them 3-2 at home but we were the underdogs,after all Benfica had won the European cup 4 times in 5 years,Sir Matt in his team talk had mentioned 'containment,not too adventurous,keeping it tight ....etc' was George listening 'i don't think so' he went out and ripped them to pieces,the full back marking him must have had curdled blood,he was turned that many times,he went down the wings ,down the centre United ran out 5-1 winners George scored 2 and had an hand in the other three,in the end even the portuguese fans were screaming for the rest of the team to give the ball to "O Quint Beatle".they loved him.Eusebio who was the Benfica hero was left in awe and could only stand and applaud at the end,this was without doubt,mine,Georges and United's greatest night in European football.
    I don't want to go on too much but i have been very lucky too have seen the 2 best players ever to don a United shirt in Edwards and George Best both had been taken away from my beloved united at an early age,both geniuses ,George was a flawed genius but one i would never knock,as he once said" i want to be the best at everything i do"....(he was even drinking and womanising, he was loved by girls ,wanted to be mothered by older women idolised by young lads and envied by men) he trained for hours after everyone went home,for a small man(only in stature)he could get up to head a ball with the best,his tackling was second to none....yet he wouldn't get away with his favourite tackle today(he used to tackle from behind wrapping his foot round the ball and be up and away before you could shout "foul") he was two footed which was his best?i don't know i tried to find a weakness but couldn't,his balance was unbelievable....ask Ron 'chopper' Harris he thought he'd caught him a few times, but come on Harris was only a mere mortal THIS WAS GEORGE BEST WE'RE TALKING ABOUT.George was a footballer first and first amongst footballers !!!!
    George scored the best dis-allowed goal I've seen and was playing for Ireland against England when he stole the ball of Banks,flipped it over his head and turned it into an empty net,if it hadn't have been against England and Banks I'm damn sure it would have counted(it must be on you tube somewhere.....please check it out..)(15th may 1971)
    Best opened two nightclubs in Manchester, in the late 1960s, Oscar's and the other called Slack Alice's (which later became 42nd Street Nightclub). He also owned fashion boutiques
    he was the first footballer with a pop star image,and the one that present day footballers have got too thank for the lifestyle they have today without him pioneering the way he did they would still be doffing there caps to the directors,George showed to them what footballers were worth,after all it was the likes of him that had the turnstiles clicking.
    In 1974, aged 27, Best quit United for good. His last competitive game for the club was on 1 January 1974 against Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road. In total Best made 470 appearances for Manchester United in all competitions from 1963 to 1974, and scored 179 goals ,He was the club's top scorer for six consecutive seasons, and was the First Division's top scorer in the 1967–68 season.
    On 8 August 1988, a testimonial match was held for Best at Windsor Park. Among the crowd were Sir Matt Busby and Bob Bishop, the scout who discovered Best, while those playing included Ossie Ardiles, Pat Jennings and Liam Brady. Best scored twice, one goal from outside the box, the other from the penalty spot
    He was capped 37 times for Northern Ireland, scoring nine goals

    No footballer before him has received as much attention as he did, even in death,everybody who goes to football has there heroes and heroes come and go but savour them while you can because like all good things it does come to an end even if it's the fault of your hero ..never call them or turn your back on them, just feel privileged to have seen them and thank them for sharing their precious talent with you.George did and he will always be held in the warmest admiration,...........THANK YOU GEORGE......BEST BY NAME AND BEST BY NATURE !!!!

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    That goal fkin awesome! I can see why CR got comparisons but 2 me, Besty was more graceful & a team player. Besty was sexier as well!

    So many legends in this game! WoW

    Didn't know he played for San Jose Earthquakes

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    STUART 'PANCHO'PEARSON(JUNE 21st 1949)...MAN UTD(1974-80)

    Stuart started his career with Hull City as an out and out centre forward with luck he had a supplier in wagstaffe( an old fashioned winger who used to hit the by line and cross,he also had a hell of a shot on him,when utd went for Stuart i thought that they might have gone for Wagstaffe as well)......any way i digress...Stuart had a hard time when he started of at Hull for the simple reason being he took over from one of there local hero's Chris Chilton.At first Stuarts confidence took a bit of a knock ,but Stuart being Stuart he won the fans over with hard work,skill and finishing of the highest order.
    Stuart joined United in 1974 for the sum of £200,000 , just after we were relegated to the second division,it was through Stuart that we bounced right back to the first division,he had a season the forwards dream of he scored 17 goals in his first season,but it was his play overhaul that was good,Stuart used to have this goal celebration where he used to raise his right fist and pump his chest out...
    Stuarts second season produced 13 goals in the league and 1 in the F.A cup against Wolves in a sixth round replay...this was the worst season for me for F.A cups....United reached the final only to be beaten by Southampton...we were so poor it was unbelievable..when you had a forward line of Coppell,Mcilroy,Pearson,Macari and Hill you expected something better,Stuart was just not at the races that day. Thanks to Stuarts goals and assists United finished 3rd in the league behind liverpool and Q.P.R....(note no capital letters for scouse scum....hahaha)
    The 76/77 season saw Stuart score another respectable 15 league goals to help United to finish 6th....But Stuart scored United's first goal in the cup final against liverpool where United went on to win 2-1.
    The 77/78 season Stuart was again into double figures with 10 league goals,but United dropped even further down by finishing 11th and going out of the F.A cup early to West brom.
    Stuart got a bad knee injury and in the 78/79 season only made 2 appearances for United and both of those where in the F.A.cup.
    In 1980 Stuart moved to West Ham where he helped them to win the F.A cup in 1980,but Stuart never really recovered from his knee injury and retired from professional football in 1982.
    Stuart played 15 times for England between 1976/1978 and scored 5 goals.
    Stuart now lives in Spain but comes home for every United home match where he can be seen answering questions and giving speeches in the executive suite....
    "Pancho" was a good player for United in a respect that he tried his heart out , and was never scared to miss a chance(which he missed some sitters,but by the same rule scored some blinders)but was always there for the next,and if he missed...he'd get up and try again.He was a player that the working man liked because he was one that they could relate too,he would think nothing of spending time with supporters answering questions after the game,but that was Stuart.......not the greatest.....but very good.....and worth the red shirt..!

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Another awesome post WT. Gotta love a player who inspires himself 2 succeed & not need constant reassurance from outsiders 2 keep going. He needs 2 sit our Anderson down & have a talk w/ him about that. Oh yeah, LOVE the loserpool jibe haha & I found this vid just 4 you babe! ENJOY


    hahaha Fist Pump and all w/ Macari sending loserpool treble chances up in flames

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Mark Bosnich (born 13 January 1972

    In 1988, at the age of 16, he moved to England to join Manchester United and made his debut for them against Wimbledon in the First Division on 30 April 1990 , in the 3 yrs Bosnich was with us he made 3 appearances ,United had high hopes for Bosnich but much too the chagrin of Sir Alex Bosnich decided to leave.
    Prior to his move to Aston Villa it was said that he was struggling to stay in England because of problems getting a work permit- the main reason why he left United. However, even though he married an English woman, it was rumoured Bosnich did it in order to be able to return to these shores. When those rumours were brushed aside, Bosnich only became first-choice goalkeeper at Villa during the 1994-95 season and that was a disappointing one for the team as they narrowly avoided relegation.
    In the same season Villa won the league cup, Bosnich was fined £1000 by the FA after he was found guilty of misconduct by upsetting Tottenham fans with a Nazi salute. Bosnich went on to spend three more seasons at Villa Park before re-joining Manchester United.
    By this time Bosnich had separated from the woman he had married during the time of the work permit problem. He was now about to enter a second marriage, in 1999, and almost failed to attend the wedding. There was an incident at strip club during his stag night celebrations, and having been arrested, was only released on bail hours before the wedding. Now that he was in his second stint as a United player, you could be sure that Sir Alex Ferguson would be keeping a close eye on a notorious character. Football wise, it started well for Bosnich as he played a key role in the post Treble season of 99-00. As if the off-the-field problems were not bad enough, the following season saw a dramatic downturn in fortunes as he was now the third choice goalkeeper, after United had signed Fabien Barthez. Bosnich would never play for the Red Devils again.
    mark was one of those keepers,he could be absolutely brilliant and if he'd have kept his head right and buckled down, and not believed everything that he read in the newspapers,he could have gone on to be one of united's better keepers,i also don't think he had much chance at first because we had the big man schmeic's in goal,but because of the way he'd treated united the first time i don't think sir Alex ever forgot or forgave,mark only played 35(i think),one of his better games was against palmeiras of Brazil in the 1999 intercontinental cup, thus helping united to become the first English team to win the Toyota world club championship( sorry scouse scum something else we beat you too!!!)
    Bosnich’s next stop in English football was Chelsea. Although this was a move to a club where he would only play seven games, it will, not for the first time, be remembered for arguably one of the biggest scandals that has hit football in this country in the modern era. Bosnich failed a drugs test, got sacked by his new employers and was banned from the game for nine months. The revelation to come out of that was the fact that he had a cocaine problem, and was absent from the game from 2002-2007.
    after another failed marriage and a few attempt making comebacks and trials at Q.P.R, , Walsall and Bolton(where big Sam looked and then said no thanks ) and countless teams back in Australia.........mark finally hung his boots up and went into commentating for fox sports ...and also works as a sports agent(i just hope nobody takes his advice..!!)
    Mark had the build and ability to have been one of the best but sadly let himself and most clubs he played for down.........which was a real shame..............

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    Re: Worried Turkey's Diaries

    Saturday 13 th December.
    Having spent the night at grans waiting for the game at Preston,i loved away matches and sleep had been hard to come by,grandad had been up since 6 o'clock and the smell of bacon was wafting through the air,even if i hadn't have been awake before that smell that was drifting through the house would have got me up,quick wash and downstairs 'hello ' said grandad as he ruffled my bob hat( you thought i was going to say hair........don't be daft i cannot remember the last Saturday morn when i woke up with no bob hat on...(now it's because of lack of hair...lol))'get your laughing tackle round that, you'll need it for the journey..'i looked and on the table was the thickest doorstop of a butty you'd ever seen !! i nearly broke my wrist picking it up!!well 15 mins later and i was still wrestling with this monster but i was now starting to win,after finally getting it all down i was starting to get worried....would i be able to walk..i felt absolutely stuffed!!!
    Anyway unc came down and off we set,Smidge had done IT again and somehow come up with the goods.....a 25 seater coach and DRIVER....there was 20 off us (the other 5 seats was taken up with the crates of beer) i looked and thought of all the money i could make taking the empty bottles back (6d each)(2 1/2 p ).........it wasn't long in the journey when the first stop came about...15 blokes all wanting a pee at the same time...great for us kids we were as quick as hell sipping out of the bottles that were open.........(i hope that was beer in that one ...it was warm and yukky like but did we know or bother...no we were going to watch the reds)....not far from Preston and i got my first history lesson on United(although hadn't i had one in February...)Eric the 'fish' (and believe me if you'd seen him open a bottle and get rid of the contents so quick you would understand...........my hero!!)Eric told me how United got the 'Red Devils' nickname...it was because Sir Matt didn't really like the 'Busby Babes' tag he didn't think that teams would be to scared of 'Babes' he then remembered about Salford R.F.C being on tour and being called the'Red Devils' and thought that the name was one to be revered so therefore that's how the nickname came about.....at a later time speaking to Sir Matt i asked him if it was true........his reply was 'yes, but he wasn't bothered about the 'Babes ' nickname just that he felt that they weren't babes they were stronger than babes...
    Arrived eventually to see one of the best games I'd seen in my short career as a United fan ,in those days you used to get big scoring games but not always the best games....i had seen the away game at Arsenal before Munich a 5-4 win for the reds (come on there's only one reds)(absolute cracker)but this game ran it very close,we ran out 4-3 winners with Bradley,Charlton,Scanlon and Viollet scoring for United...it was so good the game seemed to be over before it had started,we were now on a roll..........could this be our year again...we'll see,it wouldn't be through lack of effort.....but...there was still something that just wasn't right..we just lacked something....Sir Matt will sort it if anybody can...
    Smidge did his old favourite .....'I'll collect beer money for the trip back'......'I'll collect for the driver'....'I'll collect the coach money'....he had his fingers into everything but what a character........the nearest thing I've seen to this day out was the jolly boys outing on 'only fools and horses'.....lol
    what a journey back....how many stops we made for desperation stops i don't know,but i managed during one of the stops to smuggle 3 bottles of beer..........yeeeeaaaahhhh drank them and slept all the way home....unc carried me to grans where i slept again.....would grandad make me another bacon butty........zzzzzzzzzz
    in 1994 Eric Cantona became the first foreign player to win the PFA player of the year award !!!

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    The season was getting better United had started to play some nice football,OK they had the odd game that was hit and miss but they had started to put some decent results together,after the Preston game we went on a good run ,we beat Chelsea away 3-2 with Charlton again getting on the score sheet,we then beat A.Villa home and away over Christmas 2-1 H,2-0 A (26th,27th dec) . The start of January saw Utd start by beating Blackpool 3-1 in what wasn't one of the best games (Charlton curled in a cracker from just on the left corner of the penalty box (the keeper started to dive just as we kicked off again..lol) with the keeper well beaten)....the one thing i did notice was the atmosphere was starting to get a bit...well lets just say you wouldn't have thought that there was nearly 62,000 in the ground.
    the following week was F.A.Cup week and we had Norwich away and although we put out our strongest side we got a good pasting going down 3-0,i remember seeing a picture of Sir Matt in the Sunday paper and he didn't look a happy chappy....
    The next game was at home to Newcastle on January 31st..Sir Matt only made one change to the side that had been well beaten at Norwich and that was Harrop in for Cope,we'd expected a couple more but S.M was one for letting his players do the talking with there feet. There was an eerie and uneasy feeling in the ground that day , especially only being six days to the anniversary of Munich and i think you could sense it in the players, it was a game that any other time would have had you on the edge of your seat but today there was starting to get a wave of emotion over Old Trafford(the game was as good as it gets a 4-4 draw)...At the final whistle the crowd suddenly found full voice and cheered the team off the pitch , but i swear i saw Charlton and Foulkes have a swift look round before they entered the tunnel and they both had tears in there eyes.........
    The next game was Spurs away on February the 7th.........but before that..(although i didn't know it, i had business at O.T on the 6th.........tell you next time.

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    All the memories are starting to come back(not that they ever went away)the televisions were starting to show clips of that fatal day twelve months ago....it wasn't twelve months surely...I'd done a lot of crying in that time and over the years there would be plenty more to do.We'd bought a t.v. in the meantime and now all that was appearing on the screen was pictures of a plane and images of the people(they weren't just people these were friends ,hero's....they were my gods)who had perished , and the people who had survived.looking back i look at what was taken from us ,and being selfish i wondered what would have happened had this unfortunate accident never happened .....just try and think what it was possibly like....then ask yourself what would United's history be like if it hadn't happened,would they have gone on to be the force they are now....would we have won the treble in 99....it made the Man United of today what it is.....me personally I'm selfish i would have given all this up just to have seen my hero's,my gods........my friends(for that is how they felt)play till the end of there careers,and me too have seen them.Then again, even now ,i still do in my mind and memory,and i really shouldn't begrudge the child and youth of today there memories.....anyway rant over,i digress
    Thursday 5th Feb
    Unc was round again at our house talking to mum,as usual i was told to go and play(normally on the railway lines..lol).Dad came home all smiles(he might have had wind)which was unusual (after all what have city fans got to smile about!!!) anyway Unc left just after dad arrived(funny how he always did that...),i got to watch a bit of T.V and that's when the newsreels started to show everything again,floods of tears came and i found myself wrapped around mam like a big baby...mum understood,even if she didn't have the slightest idea about football,what she did know was what it was like to lose somebody close....mam calmed me down and made tea ,(good old English trait)she then went on to explain that she'd packed a bag and i was going round to Unc's and going to school from there,well unc came and picked me up,old sour face wasn't happy but mam explained that unc wanted to go somewhere after school, so off we set to Gran's, unc was a bit silent his only concern was how did i feel... i couldn't really explain , it was an empty feeling...Smidge appeared from nowhere and the three of us went round to Gran's,we sat in the front room watching T.V.(gran and grandad had bought one not long agand watched the build up to tomorrow when again places would come to a stand still.............Smidge and Unc had a few bottles ,and arrangements were made for tomorrow....it was then that Unc explained i wouldn't be going to school .....................we were going to Old Trafford to pay our respects..........as tears came down (i thought it was just me at first,but Smidge supposedly had something in his eye and unc had to go too the loo..............)........ it was then that the images came back to me ,the likes of i see every year since......the busby babes being led by the great Duncan Edwards leading out a team that WOULD have ruled football for years to come...........in bed i could not sleep , all i did was replay games in my head that i'd seen,the greats who would be missed , and only in years after, could i come to terms with the price we paid for what we have now,and i for one am more grateful for this........then there's tomorrow to get through..........and this i will take you through next............

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    FEB 6th
    Was it really 12 months ago that i was playing football on the local wreck,strutting around having scored goals that Dunc would have been proud of,when Unc came and gave us the bad news...!!!!
    Unc came into the bedroom, i was already awake,washed and dressed,bob hat on(mam had thought of everything(although how she'd got my hat off me and washed it I'll never know)).It was dark and cold outside(6,30 am),and grandad was making up the fire (oh the days of the coal fire......magic(pain in the arse to start...but when they were going .....bliss)) . gran had made breakfast but for once i couldn't eat it.There was a strange and eerie silence about the house,what was normally vibrant was very sullen,and just little nods and gestures was enough to get by on. We weren't leaving till 10 o'clock,nobody had slept properly that night even gran and grandad who weren't football supporters as such , but they felt because we felt what today meant !.Time seemed to drag and minutes seemed like hours as 10 o'clock approached,my stomach was starting to tighten and knot and by 10 o'clock i was a mess then the order came ' come on it's time to meet Smidge' .Gran gave the old favourite 'wrap thee sen up warm tha know it's cold out'.....i think the snow told me that...it was at that moment she came and put her arms round me and held me close ....and with a tear in her eye said'remember to be strong...'............it's only later on in life i knew what she meant.
    So off we set too meet Smidge,who as usual was late,off we set to the station and onto the train,we sat in silence as the train weaved down the tracks,i didn't even stick my head out of the window when we went through the tunnels so as the smoke could hit me ..(no electric trains in those days).....which was something i always did..!...you could have heard a pin drop in that carriage that day as we entered Warwick road station nobody moved...the train pulled in and the feeling was eerie ...and still nobody moved...are we going to get off or not....what seemed like minutes was really only seconds..then unc got up opened the door and then with relief and anxiety everybody descended onto the platform and looked over the wall down Warwick Road, tears started to well in the corner of not just mine but a sly look told me that Unc and Smidge was feeling the same too......the journey was about to begin. .......

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    Just a liitle something i found in my diaries that i made up but overlooked.

    FOR EVER AND EVER...................

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    Upon finding the last piece in a little book i used to keep i also found this.......i'm only realising i'm using this as an excuse to put off writing my next piece on the anniversary,till i can do it justice(my writing at the time wasn.t great) so trying to descipher my writing is hard, but in the meantime bear with me.....

    February the 6th in '58
    watching newsreels and papers,..we'd wait and wait
    we'd watch and listen to see who'd died...
    and waited and hoped for those who'd survived....

    Tears flowed down a chapped little face...
    hearing names lying dead on a cold winter waste...
    the names of the dead tripped off the tongue...
    Byrnes,Jones,Taylor. and Duncan wouldn't be long
    Pegg,Coleman,Whelan and Bent.........
    to the Old Trafford in the sky they'd been sent.

    Twenty Three out of Forty Three had died that day......
    on board the Elizabethan charter aircraft 'Lord Burghley'
    The best trainer in britain Tom Curry Sir Matt had said
    Walter Crickmor and Bert Whalley where amongst the dead...

    Sir Matt himself fought for his life in a hospital bed...
    but he fought and he lived like a true fighting red....

    Where would we go from this?........................
    I don't really know but it's a journey i don't want to miss............

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    Good read on Bosnich. Very depressing read 4 Munich posts. Don't wanna go 2 bed w/ those images in my head. But, it needed posting so thanx 4 your memories WT. Can hardly wait 4 Nobby Stiles, not rushing though, take your time. I don't have the patience 2 do what you do so I will wait. haha GGMU


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