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Thread: All Travel/Ticket Info. No touting under any circumstances

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    Looking for ANY away games. Can swap for any home games as I have ST in SE.

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    Need a ticket for Swansea at home if anyone could assist. My brother needs one.

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    taviskt, in the New Members Forum has asked me to post the below in the main forum.

    Hi I have joined this forum to see if anybody is looking for a season ticket for the rest of the season. Due to circumstances beyond my control. I have an opportunity to move to Canada for at least 8 months so I have a season ticket up for grabs. Available from 28th november. West Ham at home. So 13 prem games and 1 guarenteed Champs League Game with a view of further Champs League and domestic cup home ties. I'm looking for face value for it. The seat is in the East (K) stand behind the goal close to away end. Row 5. So looking for 500 cash.

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    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Season Ticket

    Hey guys. Just a thought. I've got a season ticket and even though I've been to around 8/9 games this season, I can't always get up/afford to go to the games. I'm in cahoots with a few ticket exchange people on Twitter, but even though the guys on there are sound, I don't know a whole lot about the people who apply to them for tickets.

    Obviously I would hope and believe in my fellow Reds that I wouldn't get screwed over but I thought that if I approached people with the following offer on here, perhaps it would be a little more secure.

    Just wondering if/when I can't attend games, whether any of you lot on here would want my ticket? Obviously this would involve a good deal of trust, a money exchange (online), and me/you posting the season ticket card to each other.

    Any thoughts


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    Extremely long shot I know but if anyone cannot attend the Madrid game for any reason please give us a shout! All package deals sold out the day the draw was made over here, have been exploring other possibilities but have had no luck which is to be expected for a game like that I suppose.

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    Just wondering what would be the best way to get away tickets for United's Champions League game against Real Sociedad on November 5th? Travel isn't an issue it's just getting tickets with the United away fans, apparently there's 1,500 tickets allocated to United and obviously season ticket holders and paying members and what not will get first option, we know a couple of season ticket holders and could go down that route but is there any other way any of you know that we should try or is that the best way? There will be 5 or 6 of us going.

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    I would expect United to sell their full allocation for that game to Season Ticket holders only

    Season Ticket holders would need to pick the tickets up at a local hotel in San Sabastian and provide identification (normally passport), and then pass them on to you, as there are names on the tickets. Only Execs can change the names on the tickets.

    Not sure how else you can get them, unless people are selling the outside the ground before the game

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    May 2010
    Alright cheers mate. I'd say we'll have to settle for tickets with the home fans so.


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