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Thread: Michael Johnson

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    Michael Johnson

    Finally been released from City, who ate all the pies? Ridiculous how much money he has earned and has earned now his contract has ended.

    Michael Johnson released by Manchester City after being pictured in takeaway | Mail Online

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    Dec 2011
    Shame he looked a real talent when he was young. Handing a talented but injury prone player with poor attitude and poor professionalism a lucrative contract sums up City, some other papers are reporting he was earning 40k.

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    I work with somebody who was in the City youth set up the same time as Johnson. He said he was a great player who went off the rails. Mainly due to injuries and having long periods out of the game with a lot of time on his hands and a lot of money.

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    It is a shame when you hear of lads who waste their talent when they finally make it to the big time. Look at Ronnie Wallwork, currently out of prison living in Failsworth doing nothing. Having been fortunate to go to school with Giggs and see him grow up I remember the day he signed for United. Thankfully he had the right attitude and United wrapped him up in cotton wool and protected him otherwise who knows what may have happened.

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    Would be interested to know how much top clubs do to educate these players into dealing with long injury spells and the inherant boredom that must come with them? Utd have had similar issues with Morrison and Macheda young players believe their own hype, earning a huge amount of money for someone so young lose focus and their talent goes to waste.

    If a 19/20 year old me was given 40k a week and injury meant I didn't have to go to work but still got paid I probably would have been quite reckless just because I was bored and when you're a footballer no one ever tells you no. Sit at home on your own and rest or go out with mates and chase girls even the 26 year old me struggles to turn down the later option

    From an England point of view it's a shame as he was a real prospect when he broke into the team a CM who looked calm on the ball and always seemed to have time on the ball when he received it.

    Even in his short career if the 40k a week rumours are true he's earnt 10m over 5 years it will be interesting to see how much of that he has left as even with his career obviously over he should still be set for life.

    Despite the fact that he's thrown his talent away you'd hope that football and the PFA look after him and make sure that he doesn't f*ck his life up.

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