Do Manchester City Have Scouts?

By G@mb!t

I have come across an interesting trend recently, which other football fans have noticed too. Any player linked with a big English team, City are also linked and consequently the price increase in the player’s valuation is tenfold once City poke their ugly heads in. Be it David Silva, Fernando Torres, Angel Di Maria, Milos Krasic, Edin Dzeko, James Milner or even Joe Cole. Well one can always say, it’s the papers! It isn’t true!! Unfortunately in my opinion it is very much true, City have quickly become the villains of the transfer market because they have a stupid habit of messing up the transfer market for the other teams. They are like an over enthusiastic bunch of idiots with cash to throw around but they don’t get the point, MONEY ISNT EVERYTHING!!!

I doubt players like Silva, Torres, etc. wish to play for a club which in my opinion has shown no loyalty to players that have served them well, for example Stephen Ireland. City seem to be bent upon continuing in this trend, which asks a very interesting question. Do City have scouts or do they buy every tabloid possible and show an interest in every player linked to another club?

Clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc. spend millions on scouting, they have people in all continents on the lookout for the next Kaka, Rooney, Terry or Julio Cesar, etc. They compile exhaustive reports on the players and spend hours keeping an eye on their progress, and then there is Manchester City. I think they have a team of spies who have a job of finding out who the players are and the rest is history. This is how I imagine the story usually goes in the media. Media reports comments from a “source” that Man Utd or Arsenal, etc. are linked with Player X, rated highly… club are asking for 10 million for said player, 2 days later, Manchester City and Arsenal are battling it out for Player X who is believed to be valued by his club at around 25 million, Manchester City have said to have declared an interest in the player and have stolen a march on their rival by opening negotiations for the player!!! (In my opinion :-))

Sound familiar?

I think something similar happened when Abramovich bought Chelsea. Players like Essien, Robben, Mikel, etc. all linked to other clubs before Chelsea signed them, thank god, they have managed to sign a few scouts. God only knows when City will try to employ scouts. For now they’re happy trying to ensure anyone interested in a big name signing better bankrupt themselves first or not sign them at all. I think one thing’s for sure, they don’t like the saying ‘Live and let live’.

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  1. just to clarify, the Article is sarcastic, i’m just implying that city really dont need scouts when they’re just bidding at everyone who’s famous!!

  2. You changed the title from Does Manchester City Have Scouts?


  3. It must be very hurtful for those Rags who have clung to the glory train for so many years to see the cracks appearing in the fabric of their club.
    Did I say cracks?
    Sorry, more accurately described as ‘rents’ or ‘fissures’ I should imagine.

    The Glazers buy the club with your own debt and then heap insult upon misery by charging you milliions in ‘mis-management fees’.
    They don’t give a monkeys about football just the money. Mind you, most Rags don’t give a monkeys about the football either, just the Glory!

    Now you rant about City who have what you wish you had, the means to improve their team and their facilities.

    One day, when you watch your crumbling edifice, half empty and silent, even the crackling of the prawn shells stilled; as your geriatric shadows of a long gone glory stumble around the weed strewn park making Andy Morrison look like an athlete, perhaps you will cast a glance at the shining pinnacle of footballing excellence across the City (in Manchester) and say to yourself; “I could have been there”!

    Meanwhile just rant away t0ss8rs, you don’t bother me one little bit :-)

  4. @Mcfcfanoldham

    When is the last time you won a premier league title? hmm….i think it was……………..NEVER!!
    there point made, we’re skint and still finish above u in the league:) :), nice to know money ain’t everything eh? :) :)

  5. It`s not fair City have gazzillions and we`ve got ganowt

  6. bluesboy. MANCHESTER. Reply June 15, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Getting all your slagging off of city done now are you? Better to do it while you still can eh. TICK TOCK. As Dylan used to sing “The times they are a changin” now go and cry yourself to sleep.

  7. Mancenium Contra Mundum Reply June 15, 2010 at 9:29 am

    Of course City have scouts; every club does. Who wouldn’t want the satisfaction (and the economic benefit) of getting the next Lionel Messi for nowt? Unlike the guy who wrote this rant I’m a realist – I’m sure the Blues have guys standing on the edge of public pitches writing notes about nine year-olds; I’m sure they have silver-tongued geezers who go round and promise the kid a bright future and offer ‘sweeteners’ to the parents; I’m sure they have guys on the staff who, at the drop of a hat, jet off to watch a Serie C game because they have a hint of a new Maldini.
    What really is extraordinary about this rant is not the false logic but the overt paranoia that’s running through Man U supporters at the minute like letters in a stick of rock. It’s understandable. The domination of the last two decades is on the wane and, boy, does it hurt, especially when the star of the noisy, nouveau riche neighbours is in the ascendency.
    The hurt, the upset, the paranoia has to be tempered by yah-boo rants like ‘City have no scouts’; ‘You have one song, we have 60′ and the silliest of all ‘You have money, we have history’. If the guy had said ‘We are history’ I would have agreed – you might now learn that ‘history’ can’t simply be equated with ‘success’. It’s a bit like saying that the English have ‘history’ because they beat the French at Trafalgar and Waterloo. But they also lost the American colonies and suffered the Black Death, etc. Get my drift?
    Can you get over the hurt and shame? Yes. My advice would be to ditch the yellow-and-green, it’s making you a laughing stock amongst fans of other teams. Gather your nucleus of true, real supporters around – ditch the glory hunters and the corporate prawn butty crowd. Leave the Glaziers alone for the minute – doing the ‘Glazier Out’ thing is an energy-sapping waste of time. Get behind the team but, at the same time, demand good football, that’s what you are paying for. Finally, don’t get so bitter about us ‘Bitters’. Let’s all get back to being Mancunians – to the days when we could brag that this amazing, inventive, warm-hearted city (small ‘C’) has two teams in Europe’s top tier.

  8. Well, it used to be Utd who were linked to all the big names. Now there is little point as everyone knows they are skint. Everyone that is, beside a few deluded rags who still cling onto their dreams that the Ronaldo money (spent on debt interest repayments) and the Tevez money (there never was any you morons, you never owned him so you couldn’t sell him) is available to buy a superstar or two.
    If a club want £30 million for a player, who would he now be linked to in the media.. Portsmouth ?

    City say they have a list of targets. They probably won’t get many of their first choices but will then go to secondary ones. That does not mean that they are actually interested in every player some journo chooses to link them with to fill up a few column inches.

  9. @Mancenium Contra Mundum

    Evidently sarcasm doesn’t get through to you :)
    i have already explained what i meant, so try reading for a bit too :) :)

  10. ha ha city we wont be getting vidc he is going to real madriad with benzenma coinmg the other way

  11. United fans you gotta laugh…you are skint ,we are hasn’t times changed..we will be shopping in harrods,you will be shopping in nettos..your banner will be unfurled within the next 12 months i guarantee it..

  12. More of the usual ‘Gargage’ from the whinging ‘Rags’.
    You might as well get used to it because you are rapidly on the sliding slope to nowhere.
    You were the club that started the massive overpricing of players, we my friends are going to finish it.

  13. mmm the papers over here say its a done deal. but i do agree i rather keep vidc. but if he wants to leave leave him go. i dont want a unhappy palyer playing for us jiust like ronldo was unhappy but if vidc stay i haappy

  14. And as you know Mr Vidic (or more accurately his wife) made his (or rather her) comments well over a season ago. He said (or more likely she said) that his wife hates Manchester and it’s weather. There was never the slightest chance that he would make the short move to Manchester.
    As the poster at 11.42 said United would rather keep Vidic than take Benzema. Ask yourselves why Madrid are getting rid of him after one season. He sounds like another Berbaflop to me so go on and waste some more money that you don’t have.

  15. If Utd are getting Benzema, expect City to be linked with him too.

  16. Utd are interested in Raul, says it all really, doesn’t it.

  17. I have to admit, i failed to see the sarcasm, it sounds very much like it’s what you believe so i think people can be forgiven for not picking up on it. Admittedly I am not paticularly enjoying watching the Glazers destroy your club as much as some Blue’s and Non-Blues all around the coutry, but it does interest me to see how the attitude of some Manchester United fans i know have begun to change. I would actually love nothing more than to see City and United competing for the Title, Champions League and anything else we can rival for in the coming years. Unfortunately, i think the Glazers are very selfish and thanks to limited liability, a football club is only ever going to go one way with a selfish owner.

  18. @ slowey we are not interst in raul an old traford source has said he is to old. read the newspaper again mate. and aslo money cant buy trophies. 96 minute micheal owen. 91 minute rooney. 92 minute and 52 seconds scholes scored. so shut up mate

  19. If you want sarcasm…….Why are the supporters of the so-called and self proclaimed ‘biggest club in the world’ whining about being out-bid for the best players in the world?

    It is if you have nothing better to do and a waste of time, very similar to your daft protests.

  20. breaking news on sky sports news zoran tosic has jioned cska moscow for undisclosed fee it looks like the clear out is happeing after all foster is gone already whos next i put my money on vidc. it looks every worrying for us if were not repalcing thenm. b ut i feeling fergie somthing up his sleve he wouldnt leave these player go unless he had player nearly singed

  21. every dissapioned he is gone never realy gsve him a chance. me and my friend were saying we only about decenmber 2009. so he only last a year and half. what was fergie expecting a bit more class our was he to small. i am getting worried there might be a few more leaving cos . i realy hope his last one cant see that do. do you think fergie has something up sleve ibring a good player to our club @ stretford

  22. Toxic, never made the grade, so it makes sense to get rid, esp if you can get good money back on him.
    The liklihood is, that you would have to sell anyway as you have already spent something like £M15 on some defender and an unknown Mexican.
    The time to worry is if you do sell Vidic and that money isn’t swiftly used for new players.
    Ignore the rubbish about it not being a good time to buy because players are too expensive. If your house was on fire would you wait for a sale on extinguishers ?
    Utd need fresh blood and if you don’t get it the reason is clear… there is no money to spend.

  23. Brian, Brian, we keep being told money can’t buy trophies but, you rags are the past master s at it, how far back would you like me to go, Pallister? the worlds most expensive defender, Oh no sorry that title now belongs to Ferdidand doesn’t it. How about, Rooney, Berbaflop, Veron, et al.

    You’ve been doing it for years and years and years but, now you don’t have two hapennies to rub together and, we’re able to do what you used to do, it’s all wrong.

    Bitter Blues, pot kettle black ?

  24. Mancenium Contra Mundum Reply June 16, 2010 at 10:44 am

    g@mb!t – if that was sarcasm you are a master of disguise.
    I suggest you wrote that piece in all seriousness then changed your tune when it dawned that even your fellow United fans were taking the piss.

    Personally I’d love to see two Manchester clubs fighting for the game’s honours (of course I’d love it more if City won, but hey, I’ve been a Blue since 1954). I’m a Mancunian. I see the real enemy as the Scousers and the Cockneys. Which is why I’m trying to be constructive in what I post – the yah-boo imbecility should be consigned to history along with the mindless violence of the 1970s.

    The Glaziers are not going to let Fergie have mega amounts of money to spend on transfers; mind you I don’t think The Red Knights in Shining Armour would either. And, as someone has already said, City and Chelsea will probably up the ante. United can’t really complain. Some years ago they willingly paid well over the going rate for a striker they wanted – Andy Cole – and up overnight went the cost of decent players, taking the best beyond the reach of all but 4 or 5 clubs and eliminating probably another 5 or 6 clubs realistically from competing for the title. No one will ever convince me that this wasn’t a very deliberate ploy and a very clever one. Wish we’d thought of it. Come to think of it we probably did but it was City who were skint at the time!

    That said, I’m sure there are still bargains to be had and that the 2010 global versions of Giggs and Scholes do exist and no better guys than Fergie and his team for finding them.

    At the end of the day, the roly-poly diva is still in her dressing room, the orchestra only tuning-up. Any fellow City fan who imagines United are going to roll over and die because they are currently boracic is deluding himself. Any United fan who dreams of another treble, likewise.

    Finally, nice blog and forum SEA – hope the Idiot Tendency (Red and Blue) continue to stay away.

  25. @ S E A
    Can i just say what a pleasant surprise it is to hear from a Utd supporter who is not only open to reasoned debate but also is free from the one eyed, rose tinted jingoism of so many of their “fans”.
    It’s sad but true that many appear to have overdosed on success and it has poisoned their minds.
    Compared to the recent past Utd are in a bit of trouble and i’m interested to see how they move forward.

    On the bright side, at least we can all laugh at the deluded Scoucers. Steet protests because they didn’t qualify for the champs league. What would happen if they got relegated ? Obviously they couldn’t go on strike… it would have little effect, so few of them have jobs :)

    As for Tosic, you were lucky, City had Vuoso (shudder)

  26. @Mancenium Contra Mundum

    no not really, the title was plain sarcasm, all i implied was City really dont need scouts when ur linked with every name possible, I might be a United fan yes, but not so delusional to go to the extent of suggesting such things, maybe could have made it lighter but hey, u learn from experience i guess :)

  27. Mancenium Contra Mundum Reply June 16, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    No hard feelings, g@mb!t. Just keep on supporting your team and I will mine.
    I hope City don’t buy all 72 players we’ve been linked with. I’ve been watching the World Cup and 40-odd of them are crap.
    Fear not, I think we’ll still need scouts.

    SEA good luck with the blog. Over and out.

  28. looks like david silva is heading to man city lets hope he truns out a flop at westlands. what did i say there the other day you will reach 100 conments and that was 50 conments well the done stretford great post

  29. Sylvia will need to have a lot more about him than he showed against the Swiss or he will be a flop.
    Ahhh well ! what do we care, it’s only 30 Million… drop in the Ocean really.
    Robinho is looking good again though.

  30. cheers mate but iit was all down to you . keep up the work .

  31. Stretford End Arising Reply June 17, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    @ brian,

    sorry, I meant G@mbit can take credit as this is his article.

  32. i knew that mate. jiust testing ya ha ha.

  33. watching the france game never knew evra can take long throws did you notice that could be a new weapon for us

  34. Well it seems the Silva deal is done, a snip at 26 million (cough!)
    Some of your fellow Reds seem to be a bit upset over it.
    Evidently at some point he said he would like to sign for a club like Utd. Now he has ended up at City he is some kind of liar and traitor.
    As they say he is rubbish, they didn’t want him and he will be a flop, why are the inhabitants of so upset?
    Could it be they remember saying the same about Tevez?
    They should be delighted that City have wasted so much money. How they do not choke on the taste of sour grapes is beyond me.

    As for Robinho, who knows.
    He tells the press what they want to hear.
    In Brazil, he wants to stay there.
    In Spain, he would love to play for Barca.
    Over here, he loves the City fans and gets on well with everyone… except Mancini that is.
    I think Mancini would like him back, even if only for the Europa league.

    Sorry to bother you again but it’s refreshing to get a sensible Utd perspective now and again.
    Where else could i go?

  35. Have to wait and see who comes and who goes before we can talk titles.
    If we were to lose Tevez and Adebayour for example (which could possibly happen) they would take some replacing.

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